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Bridges to Birds began with a Precipitating Event

A flood eliminated the main access to the Museum

Back in the early part of 2013, we at the Museum had been discussing how we could be more accessible and expand our offerings. We began planning a treehouse: properly sited, it could play a part in both goals.

Then there was a storm: an intense, terrifying, downpour of a storm on July 3, 2013. Visitors, day campers, Museum staff, Bob Spear, and his daughter Kari Jo Spear all watching the event unfold just outside the Museum doors.

The walkway from the parking lot the entrance was gone. Trails were gone. Bird-friendly gardens were damaged. The carvings, thankfully, were untouched.

It was time for a new plan: Bridges to Birds. And you can help.

Watch our video, download our brochure (1.1Mb PDF) about the project, contribute some funds, share your time. We welcome support of all sorts, and thank you.

Thanks to Kari Jo Spear for crafting a video story about this.

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