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Events and Happenings

There’s a lot going on at the Museum! From walks and talks to festivals and special lectures, you’re sure to find something you’d like to attend. Click on an event in the calendar below to find out more about it.

To sign up for an event please call (802) 434-2167 or send us an e-mail.

All activities suitable for all ages unless otherwise noted.


Winter Birding Kids' Wingspans, International Migratory Bird Day 2008 Bob's Half Birthday cake Kids Fly on International Migratory Bird Day A Wild Turkey Visits the Museum The Big Sit

Before you Visit

You might want to check the weather forecast or review a map with directions. No problem:

We celebrate In Layers: the art of the egg as our 2016 community art show. Discover diverse and yet harmonious approaches to eggs, in photography, craft and art. On exhibit through October 2016.

Littlest kids are invited to our Storytime in the Nestlings Nook. Older elementary children enjoy our Sundays for Fledglings programs. We love bringing older kids and teens on our walks, and invite them to consider volunteering!

Sign up for the next one-day Carving Class! Just email us! No experience necessary, and let us know if you need help finding tools.

Share your experiences or hold your own event here

Would you like to use our Conference Room for an talk about birds? Are you interested in being one of our exhibiting artists, carvers, or photographers? Have an idea for an event? Want to host a birthday party or story reading? Need a place to teach a carving class?

These are all possible! Please write or send us an e-mail about it.

If you visit and write in your blog or post photos of your time here, please let us know. Perhaps we can link to it from ours.

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