May Carve-In Report

Guest post from the Green Mountain Wood Carvers. Cross-posted from their July / August Newsletter

The Birds of Vermont Museum hosted the Green Mountain Wood Carvers’ May Carve-In. Once again, the day stated out a very nice spring day. Erin had the room all set up for us as the 9 carvers began to arrive. It was very good to see some of our newer members join us for a day of carving.

Everyone brought a project to work on, including Roy working on a relief “green man”. Oliver brought along two spoons, and Matt a piece of cottonwood bark to transform into a “bark tiny house”. Barb brought along the Treasurer’s Report, and a few signed up for the class.

We had a short discussion about the August Class and Show held at the Museum in August as noon arrived for a lunch break. Several had to leave at noon, while the rest continued to make chips til about 1:30 when it was time to clean up the shop.

A very nice way to spend an early summer day carving as well as meeting several Museum guests that came out to see what carving entailed, and welcome some of our new members to the group.

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