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Common Grounds

In 2018 explore Common Grounds: art in recognition of 100 Years of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, our community art show.

With over 40 artists and photographers, and over 44 works of art, we invite you to experience new connections to birds, our shared habitats, and our common needs.

Our exhibit reception is July 19 at 3pm.

The exhibit is open through October 2018; you can see parts of it in our #FeaturedArtist series on Twitter.

Amy Alfieri’s “A Hat Is No Home” block print. Copyright © 2018 and used by permission

Show is open from May 1 to October 31 • Included with Museum admission

Artists and photographers include:

Alison Forrest
Amy Alfieri
Andrew Keim
Aron Martineau
Betty Gray
Betty Mitchell
Carol McDowell
Carolyn Crotty
Cindy Griffith
Claudette Eaton
Corinna Thurston
Don Perdue
Eben Markowski
Elizabeth Spinney
Frank Tiralla
Ida Pero
Jackie Mangione
Jake Mosher
Jane Ploughman
Janet Cathey
Judy Dow
Juniper Murray
Laura Woods
Laurie Bepler
Lori Hinrichsen
Maina Handmaker
Meili Stokes
Michael & Sara Chaney
Mike MacCaskey
Miriam Adams
Nancy Stone
Phil Laughlin
Rich Kelley
Rod Busch
Sharon Radtke
Sheri Larsen
Teresa Celemin
Tina Valentinetti

About the theme “Common Grounds”

Birds link us. We need the same things: food, water, air, places to live. We humans have sometimes used laws to protect those needs we have in common. In 1918, the US Congress put into place the Migratory Bird Treaty Act—one of the first laws setting limits on what we could and could not do specifically with respect to migratory birds. Since then, we’ve asked new questions, discovered new ramifications, and come to new understandings about what the work of conservation entails. In order for the Migratory Bird Treaty Act to be successful, people have to work together across geographic, political, socioeconomic, and ecological boundaries. We need to find—or create—common ground.

What does that look like?

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