Bob Lindemann

Teacher and Woodcarver

Bob is a flatlander who came to Vermont to escape the snowstorms he experienced growing up in Buffalo, New York, and while attending College at Oswego State.

Bob’s interest in woodcarving began in 1975 after inheriting his grandfather’s woodcarving tools, and then teaching himself how to carve. He retired a few years ago after 40 years as the Industrial Arts and Design & Technology Instructor at Lamoille Union Middle and High School. He enjoys doing carvings in all styles from wildfowl to chainsaw carvings.

Bob has been a member of the Green Mountain Woodcarvers since moving to Vermont and serves as the Club’s Secretary as well as the Newsletter and Website Editor. He has taught numerous classes for the GMWC and the CVU ACCESS Program and the Waterbury MakerSphere.

Bob Lindemann has never sold any of his carvings, preferring to give them away as gifts to family and friends. While demonstrating woodcarving at the Shelburne Harvest Festival, he was asked to sell one of his small bear cub carvings. Instead, Bob invited the person to sign up for a Carving Class so they could learn how to create the piece for themselves—and get much more personal satisfaction each time they look at the carving!

Bob occasionally teaches at the Museum. He has led the Green Mountain Woodcarvers’ 3-day seminar, as well as offering short workshops.


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