• Regular indoor and outdoor volunteers
  • iPhones, iPads or other tablets to the Museum. We’d use these to enhance exhibits with existing media (e.g. bird sounds via the Macaulay Library)
  • Skilled volunteer(s) to develop apps to deepen and diversify the Museum experience
  • A critter cam (or several) for new and unusual views of our trails and feeders
  • Carpenter for carpentry project(s)
  • 5 A-frame signs (a.k.a. sandwich boards), weather resistant, for use during events, festivals, used book sales, and such
  • 10 indoor and outdoor thermometers for student explorations and research
  • Office supplies (or gift certificates for them)
  • Bird seed (or gift certificates for them)
  • Sponsorship of an seasonal intern ($500 – $2500)
  • Cupboard for the other bathroom (free-standing, 8″ deep, less than 4′ tall and less than 2′ wide (18-20″ is ideal))
  • New lighting for Wetland Diorama or Art exhibiting spaces
  • New computers
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