Traveling Displays

Library Exhibits and Displays

Let us provide a temporary exhibit for your library or organization. All displays include information about the museum.  Some examples of displays are listed below, and you can download the 2019 flyer. If you’d like to book one, please contact us. Libraries can borrow these for free, although there is a delivery charge.

What is a Bird?

Lots of animals have bony skeletons, lots of animals have wings to fly, and lots of animals lay eggs…what makes a bird, a bird? This display engages and informs by featuring all the basics which define the earth’s avian residents, including a bird skeleton, eggs, feathers, and Bob Spear’s remarkable carvings.

Bees, Bugs, Butterflies, Birds & Bats: Pollinator Gardening

Gardens are not just pretty to look at. They host and depend on an amazing array of pollinator species, from birds to bees to bats, and help us all appreciate the value of species diversity within the complexity of ecological systems. Enhance your outdoor spaces and be an activist for nature as you grow with your gardens. Updated for 2019

Egg-static about Eggs

We all know a bit about bird eggs, but this exhibit goes further with models, descriptions of the eggs and egg masses of fish and amphibians in spring ponds, reptile eggs in coastal or wetland habitats, insect eggs in meadowlands, and bird eggs everywhere! Compare egg structure, texture, color, size, and shape for different species to understand the evolutionary adaptations of egg-laying aquatic and terrestrial animals.

Carving: tools and techniques

From wood blocks and wood blanks to finished carvings, this display shows the tools and steps a wood carver uses to create lifelike birds. Carving with soap is great for beginners, so we’ve included all you would need to get started. Indulge inspiration and unleash your creative talents!

Cocoa, Coffee & Conservation

What’s going on in coffee and chocolate habitats that affects birds? What can we do to help birds through our coffee and chocolate habits? These presentation is an introduction to a growing field of research and action.

Birding in Vermont

Inspire people to dust off their binoculars or get outdoors! This display highlights the where, what, and when of birding, we include maps, species arrival lists, and birding tips. Plan your next excursion to the Champlain Basin, the Northeast Kingdom, or the Connecticut River Valley.

A Year of Birding in Vermont

“Travel” around the year with Vermont birds, discovering what to see where and when. From migration mysteries to month-by-month changes in birds’ bodies and behavior, experience our four-season state from a new point of view.