Events and Happenings

There’s a lot going on at the Museum! From walks and talks to festivals and special lectures, you’re sure to find something you’d like to attend. There’s a complete calendar below. Visitors from out of state, please take a look at travel advisories posted by and the Vermont Department of Health [cross-state-travel map—scroll down]. Let’s take good care of each other!


To sign up for an event, you can call (802) 434-2167, send us an e-mail, or follow sign-up links in the special event detail listings (if applicable; not all events need sign-ups). Events are suitable for all ages unless otherwise noted.

Share your experiences or hold your own event here

Are you interested in being one of our exhibiting artists, carvers, or photographers?  Want to host a birthday party? Would you like to rent the Museum for a private event? Would you like to attend a talk on a particular bird or conservation topic?

These are all possible! Please write or send us an e-mail about it.

If you visit and write in your blog or post photos of your time here, please let us know. Tag us @BirdsofVermont on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more.