Folding Guide: Cornell Lab of Ornithology Waterfowl ID #1: The Basics


A convenient, waterproof guide to using white patches and shape to ID waterfowl. By Kevin J. McGowan of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

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Identify a variety of water birds by concentrating on shape and color pattern. Waterfowl can be identified by using information about size, shape, color pattern, markings, behavior, habitat, range and calls. All clues are important, but by far the most important things to concentrate on for this group are shape and patterns of white.

This guide features more than 25 species of ducks and includes both silhouettes that emphasize distinctive shape and placement of white, and full color images of both males and females. Sections address behavior, habitat, color patterns and other characteristics important for each species.

This compact, lightweight, and laminated 4” x 8” folding guide opens out to 8” x 22”. Color pictures and information are located on both sides of the card. An excellent guide for field use by all ages and skill levels. By Kevin J. McGowan of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

Size: 4″x8″ (8″x22″) | Color and black and white illustrations
ISBN: 978-1-58355-934-5 | Series: Waterfowl ID (1 of 3)