Through the Window: June 2022

Woodcarving of red-eyed vireo, life size in profile, posed standing in ferns with autumn-tined leaves as a blurry background
Red-eyed Vireo from the Teaching Warblers collection. Carved by Bob Spear in 1988. Photographed by Erin Talmage.

It’s been a pleasant early summer month at the Birds of Vermont Museum. We’re continuing our Early Birder Morning Walks on Sundays, and had a new walk offered: “Tree IDs for Birders”. We even had a booksigning and a carving class!

Even though we’ve cut back on our feeding, we have still been able to enjoy spotting birds through our windows (and doors) at the Museum.

June Bird List

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Fine Feathers, at play with structure and function | 2022 community art show

collage of polaroid photos of submissions to Fine Feathers art show

Our 2022 art show, Fine Feathers, features over 70 works, chosen from over 250 submissions from artists, photographers, and poets. Each piece is inspired by birds and their feathers. The creators are influenced by feather colors, shapes, patterns, and functions. Through illustration, painting, textile, collage, photography, sculpture, and the written word, these creative expressions are as varied as the feathered creatures they depict. Continue reading “Fine Feathers, at play with structure and function | 2022 community art show”

Through the Window: May 2022

American Redstart female stands on a green terry-cloth towel, looking slightly toward the camera. Photo by Erin Talmage for the Birds of Vermont Museum.Still limiting feeding, although this month we saw so many birds that one might hardly have thought we were doing this! (Also, see below for why.)

We also noticed that at certain times of the day, the light hit the front door just right (or perhaps, just wrongly) to apparently encourage bird collisions. We have fixed this! (More on this below, too.)

Also this month (and next): Early Birder Morning Walks! Check out the results when the walk leaders post them to eBird.

May Bird List

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Through the Window: April 2022

Eastern Phoebe on a bare branch
Eastern Phoebe on a bare branch
Eastern Phoebe. Photo by E. Talmage and used by permission.

Despite changing from regular feeding to a restricted type and amount (see below for why), we still enjoying observing birds through our window. Something about just sitting, watching, maybe taking notes or doing Feederwatch…  this helped us get through a wicked bad mud season and a few April snowfalls. 

And as we post this, we’re well into another migration season! Check out BirdCast for nighttime forecasts of what’s moving where.

April Bird List

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Open for summer hours, 2022

Young children peer through the glass of a double entrance door.

We are open again for drop-in visiting on May 1!

As we did last year, the Museum building will be open Wednesday through Sunday. Our hours are 10am – 4pm. Because COVID continues to circulate in Vermont, we ask that you wear a mask while indoors.

What’s happening this spring-summer-fall? We’re presenting almost all Vermont birds as wood carvings, sharing an art show called “Fine Feathers: at play with structure and function”, hosting a 3-day woodcarving class for the Green Mountain Woodcovers, offering bird walks, and so much more.

Of course, our trails, treehouse, and pollinator sanctuaries are open! Bring a picnic (and good shoes and bug repellent) and spend time seeking to spot newts at the pond or listening for a  wren from the treehouse. Trails are open sun-up to sundown.

Need directions? Want to schedule a school or camp field trip? Attend a bird walkWe look forward to seeing you! 

Through the Window: March 2022

Fox Sparrow (woodcarving by Bob Spear)
Fox Sparrow, carved by Bob Spear.

March usually see us getting excited about what’s left to do before our drop-in season (May – October) and which migrants are passing by on their way further north (looking at you Fox Sparrow. Also mud. Sherman Hollow Road at the end of March this year was …. remarkable. Yet passable, unlike some other roads around the state. So we could keep feeding the birds.

By the way, Vermont Fish & Wildlife recommends taking in your bird feeders on April 1st, to avoid habituating bears to our spaces. Our feeders are 8′ off the ground on a steel pole set in concrete; it’s both bear resistant and not too much of a temptation. Bears learn quickly what’s out of reach and not worth the effort.

Birds at the Vernal Equinox (and then some)

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Lawson’s Finest Liquids supports the museum

Lawson’s Finest Sunshine Fund donates to the Birds of Vermont Museum in March

Lawson’s Finest Liquids of Waitsfield selected the Birds of Vermont Museum as one of their semi-monthly Sunshine Fund recipients. From March 1st through 15th, customer donations at their Taproom will benefit the museum. Visit the Lawson’s Finest Liquids taproom to enjoy a local brew and support us too. Non-alcoholic beverages and light pub fare are also available.

We three museum staff dropped in on Monday to taste some for ourselves. We gave high (field) marks to the three beers we tried—a stout, a pilsner, and a porter—as well as the vegetarian chili, the grilled cheese, and the cheese plate. Yum.Three white middle-aged women in masks and dark shirts look smilingly at camera. Three small goblets with three different kinds of beer are in front of them. Continue reading “Lawson’s Finest Liquids supports the museum”