Call to Artists: Fine Feathers

Fine Feathers:
at play with structure and function

What happens when you mix art, playfulness, and insights from birds? Creativity influenced by feather color and pattern, frills and function! From bower birds to city pigeons, feathers come in thousands of sizes and colors, fantastic shapes, in different seasons, and for many reasons. Which of these emerge in your art? We want to know!
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Results for Race Around Birds 2021

Congratulations to all the walkers, runners, and supporters of the 2021 Race Around Birds.

Human running awway from viewer, wearing orange shirt and black leggings, and on a frosty-woodland trail with a bright blue sky and fall colors surrounding.
Runner on Spear Trail, heading toward the bird blind and the pond, November 6, 2021.

The results below are shown in three sets: The winners of the one-loop “single” race (about 5k, 3.6 miles); the two-loop “double” race (about 10k, 7.2 miles); and a chart of everyone’s times broken out by class. Continue reading “Results for Race Around Birds 2021”

Through the Window: October 2021 (and Big Sit)

Golden-crowned Kinglet, carved by Bob Spear. Photograph © copyright E. Talmage for the Birds of Vermont Museum
Golden-crowned Kinglet, carved by Bob Spear. Photograph © copyright E. Talmage for the Birds of Vermont Museum

October is one of our favorite months. It’s not that there’s a larger diversity of birds (that’s June), but it’s the month with the Big Sit! For us that means birders, friends (some of course are both!), birding, relaxing, bird-friendly coffee, conversation, and probably too many cider doughnuts.


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Through the Window: August 2021

Common Yellowthroat (life size woodcarving) surround by autumn leaves.
Common Yellowthroat, carved by Bob Spear for the Teaching Warbler collection

We continued to be light on the feeding this month, as we tried to do our bit to reduce or limit the spread of the mysterious disease we’d heard of—encouraging the equivalent of “social distancing” for birds. This disease had not been reported in Vermont. By the end of the month, we had resumed a very limiting feeding schedule. Continue reading “Through the Window: August 2021”

Expanding Voices: perspectives on birding | 2021 community art show

Watercolor painting (excerpt): shows a white woman in a yellow shirt looking upward through binoculars. The point-of-view is from above, so only her head and arms are clear.

Our 2021 art show, Expanding Voices, explores and reflects the past year. Visual arts, poetry, 3D, and prose pieces capture the variety of solitudes, connections, race issues, changes and changelessness, new skills, and understandings we  experienced in 2020.

Forty artists, photographers, writers,  and poets had their work selected for this year’s show. They range from under 10 to over 80 and speak from their varied experiences of birding, the pandemic, faith, and social issues.

Visitors are invited to explore the visual and written art at their own pace, to be inspired, to ask questions, and to browse through the book of artists’ statements.

Show runs through October • Included with Museum admission

Many of the originals are for sale, and several artists have prints, cards, and other items available in our gift shop.

About the theme “Expanding Voices: perspectives on birding”

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