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Volume 37, 2023

  • Fall-Winter
    Infrastructure; Interns Molly, Eva, Francesca, and Linx; Mallard carving; Call to Artists; Events; Carver’s Daughter, part 26; Barbies and Kens; Bird Names; Race results;
  • Summer
    Gale’s Retreat; Interns Ugwe, Gianni, Orlando, Events; Carver’s Daughter part 25; “Spark!” art show.


Volume 36, 2022

  • Fall-Winter
    Irruptions; the Carver’s Daughter part 24; Thanksgiving; Events; May Buckingham, Intern; Race Around Birds (results)
  • Summer
    Interns; Fine Feathers: at play with structure and function;Harriet Lawrence Hemenway; Community science with eBird; the Carver’s daughter part 23; Say Cheese (photo-op boards); Not Feeding Birds; Events; Bringing Art Home; Outdoor cats and Outdoor Birds; Gratitude; Raffle: Baltimore Oriole; New Carvings

Volume 35, 2021

  • Summer
    Expanding Voices: perspectives on birding; Hummingbirds; the Carver’s Daughter part 21; Thank yous; Events; Natalia Paes (a special presentation); Summer Intern James grant; 2021 Raffle
  • Early Winter
    Coffee and Birds; Run for the Birds; the Carver’s Daughter part 22; Expanding Museum Voices; In Memory of Bobbie Summers; New homeschool program series; Events; Birdability; Traveling Library Exhibits; Thanks; Call to Artists for Fine Feathers; Leah Boget, Summer Intern

Volume 34, 2020

  • Summer
    Little Museum in a Big Pandemic; 100 Years of Bob Spear; the Carver’s Daughter part 19; 2020 Raffle; Borders: Illusions that Constrain Us; Online gift shop
  • Fall – Winter
    More about Borders: Illusions that Constrain Us; A (trail) Race Around Birds; Carving Report; the Carver’s Daughter part 20; Thanking Volunteers; Online programs; Raffle winners; Remembering Wood Taylor; Leadership Champlain; Little Free Library

Volume 33, 2019

  • Spring-Summer
    Students Grow Community; the Carver’s Daughter part 17; Carving report; Thank you; Remembering Ken Lucy; Capital Steps; Pollinate This!; 2019 Raffle; Amphibian Research at the Museum
  • Fall – Winter
    Dave Tuttle and new carvers; Pollination Season; Intern Diane Klement; the Carver’s Daughter part 18; Thank Yous; the Big Sit!; Volunteers; Programs coming to you; upcoming events

Volume 32, 2018

  • Late Spring
    100 Years of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act; the Carver’s Daughter part 15; Volunteers; Trail report; Thanks, Common Grounds
  • Late Fall
    Sitting for Birds; the Carver’s Daughter part 16; D. Palm, Intern; It’s a Bird’s Life, Birding and carving reports; Thanks

Volume 31, 2017

  • Summer
    Growing by the Numbers; the Carver’s Daughter part 13; Birding by the Numbers; Birding and gardening reports; Thanks; Archaeopteryx
  • Late Fall
    Growing Like a Bird; the Carver’s Daughter part 14; Carving, birding, and trail reports; Survey Says; Status of Vermont Forest Birds; Seeing with New Eyes (K. Jensen, Intern)

Volume 30, 2016

  • Early Summer (1 MB)
    More than a Bridge; Bird Carver’s Daughter Part 11; In Layers, the Art of the Egg; Volunteer Work Party results; Birding and carving reports; Pollinator Gardens begin
  • Late Fall (1 MB)
    Pollinator gardens growing; Bird Carver’s Daughter Part 12; Carving report; Thanks; Strategic Planning is Coming; M. Loscalzo, Intern; New Bird Blind

Volume 29, 2015

  • Winter (1.9 MB)
    Bob Spear (1920–2014); Bird Carver’s Daughter Part 9; Memories; Volunteers, Upcoming classes; Board Chair changes
  • Spring (.6 MB)
    Bridges to Birds : the plans; Connections in the Canopy; Remembering Bob Spear and Stewart Kirkaldy
  • Late Fall (1 MB)
    Bridges to Birds: Bridge construction; Bird Carver’s Daughter Part 10; Remembering Marty Hansen; Snowy Owl for Stewart; Programs for the Community; Thank You; E. Herr & A. Veitch, Interns; Carving and Birding reports; the Art & Artists of Birds of a Fiber

Volume 28, 2014

  • Winter (6 MB)
    Perilous Passages; Bird Carver’s Daughter Part 7; Bridges to Birds; Volunteer highlights; Reflections with Bob
  • Late Summer (.8 MB)
    Treehouse; Bird Carver’s Daughter Part 8; Bridges to Birds; E. Dorney, A. Champman, & S. Bruso, Interns; Remembering Many Friends; Art and Artists of Perilous Passages; talk by Joel Greenberg, Thanks, Carving and Birding reports.

Volume 27, 2013

  • Winter (1 MB)
    Winter Days with Bob; Bird Carver’s Daughter Part 5; Bird and Butterfly Garden Booklet; Art Contest Results; Volunteers; Farewell
  • Spring (1 MB)
    Breeding Bird Atlas; Bird Carver’s Daughter Part 6; Bird’s Eye View Summer Camp; Gift Multipliers; Intern Report; Strategic Planning; Birds by Peter Padua; Hinesburders
  • Special Edition (1 MB)
    Flash Flooding at the Museum; A Bridge to a Better Walkway; Give a Hoot; Comfort Birds; Bob’s Bridge; How You Can Help; Editor’s Note; Intern Report; Thanks; A Treehouse Too

Volume 25, 2011

  • Fall (1 MB)
    Museum History Event & Cedric Alexander’s Memory; Bird Carver’s Daughter Part 1; Annamarie Gavin and the Butterflies; Carving Update: buffleheads installed; Heather Forcier photography exhibit
  • Spring (1 MB)
    Spring at the Musuem; Bird Day; Essex Center for Technology’s Picnic Tables; Carving Report: Roughing out geese and buffleheads; Leo LaBonte’s Raffle Bird: Blue-winged Teal; Lori Hinirchsen Art and Photography Exhibit
  • Winter (1 MB)
    Bob and friends carving (with beginners doing cardinals); Paul Hurd; Laura Waterhouse; Volunteer Accomplishments; Carving Down Under; Fledglings & Nestlings programs debut; Art Contest Results

Volume 26, 2012

  • Winter (4 MB)
    Twenty-five Years of the Museum; Bird Carver’s Daughter Part 2; Otter Meier; Bob at 92 in Cedar Key (with carvings); Volunteers; Art Contest results
  • Spring (1 MB)
    Eggs; Bird Carver’s Daughter Part 3; Carver’s Report; Volunteers; Thank yous; and more
  • Fall (1 MB)
    Bird Carver’s Daughter Part 4; Intern Experiences; Carvers; Fabulous Fall Festival

Volume 24, 2010

  • Fall (1 MB)
    Birds of Panama; A Meditation on a Child and Birding; Community Art Show; Interns Lynn Sipsey and Nic Cormier; Art Contest and Raffle; Board News
  • Spring (1 MB)
    Migratory Birds: The Power of Partnerships; Bird focus: Common Nighthawk; Arsh Rup Singh’s photography; Board News; Carving Report: Scoters and Scaups; New Staff: Allison Gergely & Kir Talmage; Volunteer Report
  • Winter (875 KB)
    Museum Wedding; Social Media; Carving Report: Plover, Dowitcher, and Dunlin; Big Sit; Art Contest Results; Strategic Plan and Board Updates; Thank Yous

Volume 23, 2009

  • Fall (1 MB)
    Australian Bird Life Lecture; Garage/Used Book Sale; Hawk, Bobcat visit feeder area; Carving Report; Priscilla Spear; Upcoming Events; Thank Yous; Art Contest Update; Robert Frost Memorial Orchard
  • Spring (2 MB)
    International Migratory Bird Day Celebration; Susan Cassevaugh, Artist of the Year; Graeme Rhind, Visiting Woodcarver; Wish List; Upcoming Events; Thanks Yous; 2009 Art Contest; Carving Report; New Books in Gift Shop
  • Winter (915 KB)
    Bob Spear Turns 89; Roost Boxes; Thank Yous; Strategic Planning and Board Update; Raffle Winner; Upcoming Events; Big Sit Species Record; Wish List; Carving Report; Passes for Honor Roll

Volume 22, 2008

  • Fall (717 KB)
    Birding in Kazakhstan, Board Changes, Eagle Scout, Vermont eBird, Upcoming Events, Visitors from Ukraine, Planned Giving, Wishlist, Carving Update
  • Spring (818 KB)
    International Migratory Bird Day Celebration, Tom Turkeys Carved …and Visiting, Sponsorships, Events, Bequest, Carver to Australia
  • January (837 KB)
    Bob’s 88th, Remembering Members, Thank You, Chittenden County Bird Guide, Events, Tom Turkey update, Mount Mansfield Honor Roll Reward Program, Museum Bird feeder highlights, Winter Birding

Volume 21, 2007

  • Spring (430 KB)
    International Migratory Bird Day, Wings Over Stowe, Tom Turkey update, Strategic Plan update, Wetland Diorama update, No Sales Tax in Gift Shop, Events, Questing, Endowment update, Volunteer Party, Thank You
  • Winter (670 KB)
    Bob’s 87th, Carving Numbers, Diorama Painting, New Director, Becoming a Carver, Audubon Team-Up, Events, Volunteer Hours

Volume 20, 2006


  • Spring (423 KB)
    International Migratory Bird Day, Boreal Forest, Ivory-Billed Woodpecker, Keeping Track, Events, Encouraging Eagles, Raffle Winner, Thank You
  • Winter (444 KB)
    Bob’s 86th, Big Sit, New Board Officers, Visitors from Russia, Fees, Volunteers, Crabapple Trees, Wishlist, Ruffed Grouse, Warm Feet, Wetland Diorama update

Volume 19, 2005

  • Fall (795 KB)
    Fall Festival, Monarch Migration, Volunteer Lunch, The Big Sit, Volunteers Move On, Bird Research in the Huntington IBA, Fiber Optic Lighting, Staff News, Endowment Update

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