National Coffee Day

For National Coffee Day, make a commitment to buying and drinking bird-friendly coffee.

Not sure what that is? Start here:

Enjoy reading (or re-reading) some of these links, too:

There’s a lot more info at Coffee Habitat

International Coffee Day is coming in 2 more days!

What do you know about coffee certification?

Some of us coffee-drinkers are pretty well steeped into knowing everything we can about the beverage and its effects on the world. Most of us are happy just to have some coffee. Where do you fall in this spectrum?

We’re up at the Feverish World Symposium this weekend, with a pop-up exhibit called How Do You Take Your Coffee? Come check it out—ask questions, take a pledge, and learn something about migratory birds and different types of coffee agriculture. Stimulate your curiosity! Continue reading “What do you know about coffee certification?”