Through the Window: May 2024

Black and WHite Warbler, photographed by Hans Nedde; copyright © 2024 and used with permission. A small bird with black and white patterned plumage and a narrow pointed black beak. It has a black cap, white brow line, and white belly, as well as black-and-white sides, flanks, wings. It is perched on a twig, and the background is a mottled pale white-gray-green (as if out of focus).
Black and White Warbler. Photo © by Hans Nedde and used with permission.

We had a surprise visitor one day in May! This little fellow confused the Black-capped Chickadee by pulling fibers from a hanging plant basket that the chickadees often use (for the same purpose).

Many thanks to our intern Hans for the photo. Read on for a really incredible bird list this month!

May Bird List

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