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Many thanks to Northeast Delta Dental for their recent generous donation. Since 2005, they have helped the Birds of Vermont Museum by supporting our thrice-yearly newsletter.

Jeff Landa of Northeast Delta Dental, presents their support
Jeff Landa, of Northeast Delta Dental, presents a check to support our newsletter, Chip Notes.

Jeffrey Landa, a former Board of Trustees member and Board President who also serves on the Museum Advisory Board, dropped by last week to bring us this good news. Shirley Johnson, President of the Board of Trustees, and Erin Talmage, Executive Director, were here to accept it.

We will use these funds to cover printing and mailing costs of Chip Notes. Older editions are made available online as PDF files; if you would like to receive current ones by mail, become a member!


Painting Party at the museum

A volunteer preps for painting, Spring 2010.
A volunteer preps for painting, Spring 2010. This year should be somewhat lower down!

Join our Painting Party on March 5th from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Help us paint part of the museum. Lunch will be provided.

Please let us know you’re coming so we can feed you! Call us at 802 434-2167 or email us at museum@ birdsofvermont. org. You can find driving directions to the museum on our website, at http:// map.php

Appropriate for teen and adult volunteers–we thank you!

2011 Annual Art Contest opens

Enter Your Bird Art!

2011 Art Contest Rules

  • Wall of collages and patterned flying birds

    This competition is open to persons aged 0 – 18 years old.

  • The theme of the contest is Birds, Birds, Birds.
  • Flat submissions (paper, collage, etc.) must be no larger than 8 ½” x 11”
    3-D art must be smaller than 6”x 6”x 8”.
  • One entry per person.
    Name, age and contact information must be included with entry.
  • Contestants may use any media.
    Past entries (and winners) have used paint, colored pencils, crayons, markers, clay, wood, or papier-mâché.
  • Entries must be received no later than September 30, 2011.
    Please drop off or mail entries to
    Birds of Vermont Museum
    900 Sherman Hollow Road
    Huntington, Vermont 05462
  • All entries will be displayed at the museum throughout the 2011 season, so enter early!


More great entries in our 2009 Art Contest

First, second, and honorable mention prizes will be awarded in the following categories (most are age-based):

  • 5 years and younger
  • 6 – 8 years
  • 9 – 13 years
  • 14 – 18 years
  • 3-D Art


Flying Birds: Entries to Art Contest

Winners will be announced at the Museum at our Fall Festival, Saturday October 8, 2011.

Winning entries will be displayed (with artist and parent approval) on the BOVM website or our Facebook page after the festival.

Entries may be picked up at the Museum after Nov. 1, 2011.


We welcome sponsors of our art contest! Contact us if you’d like to donate funds (to purchase prizes) or prizes (we do ask that we get to vet these first).

Past sponsors have included farm and garden stores, art supply shops, artists, and museum members.

Call (802 434-2167) or email us ( if you can sponsor the show.

Join the County Quest!

Guest post from Ali Wagner, Birder and Museum Member

Last fall, a few of Vermont’s counties decided to take part in a friendly challenge of seeing and reporting the most species of birds during the 2011 calendar year.  This has morphed into a state-wide challenge with all counties eagerly participating.

The quest, as described by the Vermont Center for Ecostudies, is “part fun, part discovery, part conservation, but mostly fun.”

The goal is to get more people involved in birding as well as documenting bird species of the state. There’s a nice write-up at eBird:

If you would like to contribute your sightings, go to or to sign up!  If you have any questions, you can contact Ali  at or 802 434-7672.

Vermont eBirdVermont Center for Ecostudies

Art Content 2010 Winners

You saw the rules. You saw the preview. You saw last year’s results and the Letter to Young Artists. Now, finally, you can find out Who won in 2010?

Wall of collages and patterned flying birds
Art Contest Entries

Our 2010 wining artists are:

Age 0-5: Melody B, Lily K, Kenny F, Anna P, Olivia O
Ages 6-8: Noah B, Cooper H, Jake B, Petra B, Celeste B
Ages 9-13: Lena H, Anna-Sophie S, Lexi P, Amanda G, Kate O
Ages 14-18: Christina H, Lindsay F, Hannah G

And some special categories:

Sculpture (3-D): Shannon H, Allison G, Alexander U, Hannah D, Melissa A
Collage (First Graders): Kameron C, Mary M, Cater F, Ian M
Flying Patterned Birds: Will P, Nicholas M, Caroline S, Caleb R, Carter S, Myiah D
3-Dimensional Flying Foil Birds: Makenna T, Isaac D, Jackson E, Shannon H, Amy L, Kyle D

We had a few “Specials” (these are at the Judge’s discretion and change from year to year):

Georgia W for “Best Kestrel”;  Clementine for “Cutest Penguin”; Lily for “best Mallard”; Leola A for “Cutest Couple”; Kenny for “Best Cardinal”; Aziana H for “Best Happy Owl”, and David A for “Best Woodpecker”

Art on the walls: so much art!
So much art! We nearly covered our viewing window area walls.

For more images, check out our album at Facebook. Feel free to leave comments here or there.

Letter to Young Artists

Guest post by Lori Hinrichsen, Artist, Photographer, and Judge of the 2010 Art Contest

When I walked into the Museum the other day I was thrilled to be surrounded by so much creativity, imagery, and enthusiasm of all the artwork entries. From abstract to representational, from humor, composition, color and form, to a range of creative interpretation, the Birds of Vermont Museum Art contest was a delight for the eyes.

I want to congratulate all of you who participated in the event and I genuinely wish I could have given each of you a ribbon for all your wonderful entries. I would like to encourage you to keep making art and sharing it with others. I would like to extend gratitude to your teachers, parents, neighbors, friends and family for keeping the arts alive, every day.

Wishing you a warm lingering autumn. Vermont is a very special place in all seasons.

Lori Hinrichson

Lori’s WebsitePhotographs

the Big Sit! 2010 Results

On Sunday,  October 10, the Museum hosted the Loonatics and their Big Sit! circle.  Thanks to Jim O. for coordinating the event and to all the volunteers who joined in. It was a beautiful day, and several people contributed excellent food to keep us warm.

We identified 27 species. The time sheet:

Time Common Name
0626 White-throated Sparrow
0633 Mourning Dove
0633 Northern Cardinal
0634 Dark-eyed Junco
0646 American Crow
0648 Blue Jay
0648 American Goldfinch
0650 Black-capped Chickadee
0656 White-breasted Nuthatch
0659 Red-breated Nuthatch
0703 Hairy Woodpecker
0709 Downy Woodpecker
0712 Common Raven
0721 Evening Grosbeak
0740 Tufted Titmouse
0759 American Robin
0832 Yellow-rumped Warbler
0836 Canada Goose
0920 Blue-headed Vireo
1104 Turkey Vulture
1154 Purple Finch
1307 Sharp-shinned Hawk (Female)
1348 Golden-crowned Kinglet
1359 Northern Harrier
1413 Red-tailed Hawk
1416 Cooper’s Hawk
1748 Barred Owl

Come to the Fall Festival, Saturday October 9

Come to our Fall Festival Saturday, October 9, 2010Enjoy our Fall Festival with Woodcarvers — Live birds — Used Books/Garage Sale — Nature Journal Workshop — Insect Info — Birds!

Woodcarvers will be demonstrating their art in the workshop.
Carol Winfield returns with live birds at 11:00.
Find something wonderful at our Used Books/Garage Sale.
Heather Fitzgerald offers a Nature Journal Workshop.
Rhonda Mace from the Vermont Agency of Agriculture will answer questions about Invasive Insects.
Kids activities and games, nature walks.

Celebrate a great year!
Fun for Everyone!

Feeding hummingbirds in fall

I received a call today from a woman wondering what to do about hummingbirds. Two juvenile birds still come to her feeder, but she hasn’t seen the parents in some time. Should she take in the feeder? Is the food she provides keeping those young birds from migrating? Will they migrate without the parents? Are the parents still around, just not coming to her feeder?

Ruby-Throated Hummingbird Female (woodcarving)
Ruby-Throated Hummingbird Female (carved by Bob Spear)

I asked Bob Spear, since he’s got considerably more experience as a naturalist than I do–decades more.

“Leave it up,” he says. In fact, our hummingbird feeders are still up at the Museum and we saw a female ruby-throated hummingbird on Tuesday the 14th of September.  He tells us the males head south earlier than females and young ones, and he suspects that the female parent of the two juveniles is still nearby. Furthermore, migrating individuals from further north may stop at feeders on their way south (and in this week’s chilly rain, every bit helps). “It’s a myth,” he says, “that our feeders will keep them from migrating when it’s time for them to go.”

So enjoy your last glimpses of these little birds, glinting against the autumn leaves.