Dead Creek Wildlife Day 2022

several children around a wooden table carving white bars soap using tools made of craft sticks

Join us at Vermont Fish and Wildlife’s annual Dead Creek Wildlife Day — for all lovers of the outdoors. From soap carving to fishing to bird banding and more: bring friends and family to Dead Creek Wildlife Day.

There are plenty of activities for everyone: try bird watching, bird banding or bird carving (in soap). Learn about history, turtles, dogs, and bats… There are different special activities each year!

Try soap carving at 11 or 2 (print their schedule: ).

Visit our “booth” all day — share your woodcarving, birding, or conservation stories, find a small gift, and admire people’s soap carvings.


Find out more at

Or learn about the Wildlife Management Area Visitor Center:

Volunteers welcome (at Dead Creek and at the Museum) — makes the day easier AND more fun. Give us a call to be part of it! (802) 434-2167