¾ Mallard Drake (August Woodcarving Seminar)

Two woodcarvings of mallards, a female (hen) and a drake. They are decoy-style, with detailed painting of their plumage. Image courtesy the Green Mountain Woodcarvers.

From August 14 – 16, the Birds of Vermont Museum is hosting the Green Mountain Woodcarvers’ annual three-day seminar. This year, carvers will carve a ¾-scale Mallard drake.

Matt Strong and Bob Lindemann will teach the course; Matt will cover the carving and Bob will assist with the painting. Each carver will have the option of creating the pieces from a simple working decoy, an antique piece, a smoothie, or a more detailed wildfowl carving.

If you are interested in taking the class, visit http://greenmountainwoodcarvers.org/class/class.html and follow the instructions there for more details and to register. The three-day course fee is $120 plus materials. Contact them soon as they need time to prepare blanks.

To become a member of the Green Mountain Wood Carvers, visit http://greenmountainwoodcarvers.org/membershippage.html

To become a member of the Birds of Vermont Museum, visit https://birdsofvermont.org/membership

And more about Mallards: https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Mallard/

This event is part of the Festival of Woodcarving.