“The Gift of Art” show

Photos in the Community Art Show and Entries to the Art Contest

“The Gift of Art” is our off-season art exhibit. This changing collection displays varied works. Most are visual works, but we love art in all its forms. Some pieces are donations from previous shows, others may be be selections from our gift shop. What’s present in March may be quite different from what we share in November…

Explore previous themes, find a gift for someone, and see how art can weave together myriad media, styles, and visions.

Open when the Museum is : From Nov 1 – April 30, that’s by appointment and for special events.

Past Exhibits

2021: Expanding Voices: perspectives on birding
2020: Borders: illusions that constrain us
2019: Pollinate This!
2018: Common Grounds
2017: B1rding by the Numb3rs
2016: In Layers: the art of the egg
2015: Birds of a Fiber
2014: Perilous Passages