Gale’s Retreat Open House / Full Moon Celebration

People surround an outdoor fire on a snowy full moon night

Enjoy a winter evening at Gale’s Retreat, off Bob’s Trail. Learn about Vermont Huts, nature at night, and more. Please dress for chilly nighttime, winter weather.

Inside the Museum:

Near the Bird Blind & Pond:

  • Someone to talk with you about the pond, the field, and natural history and adaptations to the night

At Gale’s Retreat, a short walk from the museum:

  • Someone to share Hut information
  • A campfire
  • Refreshments

Carpool if you can; the museum has limited parking.

Register for Open House

Please pre-register so we can have enough treats! Donations can be made online or at the door.

All Ages
Outdoors, mostly
Arrive any time.

“Rain” date: Saturday March 23

Cache It If You Can (for kids!)

Chipmunk in three-quarter view with cheeks stuffed full

Which birds and mammals store food for the winter? What do they eat? Where do they hide it?

We’ll all try a little caching ourselves!

Ages 6-10 • Outdoors
Fee: $15–$35 (choose what is best for you; includes museum admission)

Register for Cache It

Nestlings Explore Winter: to sleep or not to sleep

Child playing in deep snow. Child is wearing green hat,blue hooded parka, black snow pants, but because is prine, kid is partially hidden by snow.

Who hibernates and who’s just taking a nap?

Some animals sleep through the winter, and some are awake and active. Why and how do Vermont animals take on winter challenges?

Designed for kids ages 4 – 8, siblings welcome.
$5 (adult chaperones free)
Dress for outdoors

Use the button above to register online or call 802 434-2167 to sign up.

Nestlings Explore Winter: bird survival

Black-capped chickadee eating a sunflower seed. Chickadee perches on a pile of hulled sunflower seeds in winter; a few snowflakes show on the bird's black feathers.

Learn the secrets of winter bird survival. Could you do it?

We’ll imagine ourselves as birds in Vermont in winter. How do we find wamth, food, and shelter to survive the cold? Let’s mimic birds’ strategies for success!

Designed for kids ages 4 – 8, siblings welcome.
$5 (adult chaperones free)
Dress for outdoors

Use the button above or call 802 434-2167 to sign up!

Fledglings Explore Winter

Wild Turkey Tracks

How do animals and plants adapt to February in Vermont?

Dress for outdoors: we will be looking over and under the snow. Great for ages 4-9.

Suggested donation: $5 / child
Limit 8

Register by calling 802 434-2167 or use the button above.