Pollinators & Picnics

Pollinator Sanctuary

Some gardens have tidy rows. Others abound in diverse shapes and apparent tangles. Still others look like wild messy meadows. It’s all in what you grow and for whom.

We’re doing it for pollinators—and for you. Visit our diverse intentional plantings (gardens by any other name) and discover what we’re growing, which birds, insects, and others are benefiting, and what you too can do at home.


We invite visitors to enjoy their picnics at picnic tables here and there about the grounds. We do move them from time to time, but there are often tables in the Treehouse, on one of the lawns, and near the pond. We practice “pack it in; pack it out” in all parts of our landscape.

Our “gardens” are maintained by staff and volunteers; please make a donation to their upkeep if you can.


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