Dick Allen

Woodcarver and Trustee

Dick Allen has always been fascinated by birds and started carving about 25 years ago. He is self-taught through books and carving magazines, with “lots of trial and error”. His carvings have been given to friends and family; some have been donated to charity. Many are on display in his home.

Dick considers himself an advanced amateur, and greatly admires Bob Spear’s work. “Bob is a master carver,” Dick says. About his own carvings, he adds, “I’m still waiting for one I consider ‘really good.’ ”

About Dick

In addition to carving for the Museum’s exhibits, Dick serves on the Board of Trustees, and volunteers for the Museum. His work is much appreciated.

About his own carving, Dick notes that he does not have any unusual techniques. His biggest challenge is to remember to think about painting while creating feather groups and detail during the carving process.

Contributed Carvings

Dick has contributed male and female pairs of Buffleheads, Lesser Scaups, Goldeneyes, and Greater Scaups to the Museum’s Spring Wetland Diorama Exhibit. As of 2015, his male Canvasback awaits its mate in the diorama.

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