Who We Are

We have a nimble staff, a responsive board, and many contributing carvers, artists, and members.

The Staff:

Erin Talmage, Executive DirectorExecutive Director, Erin K. Talmage
Erin earned her MS in Wildlife Biology from UVM with a focus on ornithology. She serves on two Vermont Scientific Advisory Groups, Birds and Reptiles-and-Amphibians. When not at the Museum, she can often be found looking for salamanders for the Vermont Reptile and Amphibian Atlas, collecting data for iNaturalist and eBird, or volunteering with the Four Winds Nature Institute and Vermont Master Naturalists. She is the primary photographer behind our Instagram feed and is never far from her bird-friendly coffee.

Allison Gergely, Museum EducatorMuseum Educator, Allison Gergely
Allison joined the Birds of Vermont Museum in 2010, following years of teaching middle school science and math. She earned her master’s degree in Ecological Teaching and Learning (ETL) from Lesley University and serves as the principal educator at the Museum and through outreach programs in the area. A lifetime of daily walks in the woods with the dogs keeps her connected to the beauty and cycles of nature, and makes her eager to learn, care, and share more about our environment. Her badge of honor is being the only person she knows who’s been pooped on by a flying Wild Turkey.

Kir Talmage, Outreach/IT CoordinatorOutreach & IT Coordinator, Kirsten Talmage
Kir’s background in physics and environmental science (MS University of Montana) carried her to experiential education, then from teaching into communications and the web. She has a lifelong interest in art that spills over into graphic design. She coordinates most of the Museum’s publicity, some programs for children, and the annual art exhibits, as well as managing the Museum’s IT needs and social media feeds. Not content with weaving art and science together at work, Kir is also an illustrator, a Girl Scout leader, and a volunteer with the Boy Scouts and Four Winds Nature Institute. You can often find her talking back to birds.

The Board:

President, William Mayville
Secretary, Mae Mayville
Treasurer, Brian Werneke


John Brocious

Zac Cota-Weaver

Becky Cozzens

Spencer Hardy

Ginger Lubkowitz

Mae Mayville

James Osborn

Kari Jo Spear

Elizabeth Spinney

David Sunshine

Wood Carvers:

Bob Spear, woodcarver, naturalist, and founder. Crafted or inspired almost every exhibit.

Ingrid Riga Rhind curator, carver, creator of the overhead bird exhibit, contributor to several exhibits and raffles

Dick Allen, former board member, woodcarver, contributed to wetlands exhibit

Jim Mitchell, woodcarver, contributor to wetlands exhibits

David Tuttle, woodcarver, contributor to wetlands exhibit, and workshop teacher

Bill Patterson

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