Dave Tuttle

Woodcarver and Teacher

Dave Tuttle began whittling wooden neckerchief slides as a member of the Boy Scouts of America. Each month when a new neckerchief carving pattern was published in Boys Life, Dave took out his Boy Scout pocketknife and went to work. Duck hunting brought decoy and shore bird carvings under Dave’s knives.

Largely self-taught in the early days, later he honed his caricatures skills studying with masters from the Ozarks to the Adirondacks. When the shelves at home were spilling over, Dave began gifting carvings to family and friends and peddling his wares at craft and wood carving shows up and down the East coast. Craft shows led to requests for demonstrations and teacher. Dave was honored to demonstrate wood carving in the New Hampshire State Building at the Big E and to teach carving lessons locally and at the Birds of Vermont Museum.

Contributed Carvings

Dave Tuttle carved the Rainbow Trout currently installed in our Spring Wetland Diorama.

Dave also teaches at the Museum about four times a year. At each one-day workshop, carvers can complete a small project, share camaraderie, and help choose the next quarter’s topic.

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