Observed On the Property

We often record bird sightings at the Museum.

Some records are informal, like our notes at the Viewing Window (see below for recent birding entries from our blog).

Some records are for monitoring purposes and we record those in eBird, one of many citizen science projects. That’s where records from our monthly bird monitoring walks, the Early Birder walks, Nestwatch and Great Backyard Bird Count, or when something particularly unusual gets reported.

We also participate additional not-just-birds citizen science projects.

Bird Blog

Below you will find recent blog posts categorized “birding”. The full blog is here, and of course we invite you to attend a walk or several.

New “It’s a Bird’s Life” talks starting soon

Starting Wednesday, January 23, we’ll host the new six-week It’s a Bird’s Life series. Sponsored by a local Community Senior Center and the Birds of Vermont Museum, meet on six consecutive Wednesdays at 1:30 at the Birds of Vermont Museum, and learn more about specific Vermont birds—as well as two sessions connecting coffee and maple …

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Through the Window: November 2018

November has been a little surprising, as we’ve gotten rather more snow than usual. Puts us in mind of winter birds, instead of fall…. So which ones have been around?

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Through the Window: October 2018

October is great, because it’s the month of the Big Sit!. That’s a day when we sit around with Team Loonatics and look for birds. They do all the hard work: cooking, listing, watching, identifying. We host them and are happy. Their list of birds this year doesn’t quite match our viewing window list (below), …

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Through the Window: September 2018

Let’s get ready to… MIGRATE! Every body is stocking up, either because they’re getting ready to launch themselves south or preparing for winter. Who’s getting ready? These birds!

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