Be part of the Museum community

Members support us with an annual donation, and enjoy unlimited admission, discounts on many programs and in our gift shop, and a subscription to our newsletter, Chip Notes. [ More… ]

Volunteers help us on their schedule and based on their skills. Whether you wield a chain saw or an iPad, like to talk to visitors or prefer behind-the-scenes work, want to come once a week or once a year, we have something for you. [ More… ]

Interns contribute while learning needed skills or working on a project in service to their education. [ More… ]

Donors provide additional financial resources and expert knowledge. [ More… ]

Community friends bring news, information, research and art of birds into their communities by working with library displays, teaching and attending workshops, and more.

Get in touch! Follow us on social media, tell fellow travelers your thoughts, send us an email, or give us a call.

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