Through the Window: April 2023

Blue-headed Vireos carved by Bob Spear in the mid 1990s.
Blue-headed Vireos are returning to Vermont. This carving was done by Bob Spear in the mid 1990s.

Funny thing about our April bird list: two common species were not recorded (and one somewhat less frequently seen at from the viewing window, but definitely around). Does that mean they weren’t seen (and if so, where were they)? Or did they really busy themselves elsewhere in the woods?

Do you know which they were? the two I’m thinking of were recorded during our April Bird Monitoring Walk

April Bird List

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Through the Window: March 2023

A Mourning Dove and a Blue Jay face each other across of platform containing black oil sunflower seeds.
A Mourning Dove and a Blue Jay face each other across of platform containing black oil sunflower seeds.

March is all about the this-way-and-that-way dance of winter, spring, and mud seasons. Watch for migrants returning and spring behaviors in, well, everyone. Two things we especially like:

The “Oh sweetie” song of the Black-capped Chickadee.
And those Mourning Dove males who keep getting distracted from eating—instead, they puff up and pace after the females, begging for their attention.

March Bird List

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Through the Window: December 2022

Lifelike wood carving of a Black-capped chickadee, perched on the side of a rough-barked stump. Carved by Bob Spear.
Black-capped Chickadee, carved and painted by Bob Spear.

It’s the end of 2022, and a pretty good year it’s been. We hope the same is true for you.

Thank you for following us, supporting us, and being part of the museum community.

Enjoy the brief list of this month’s birds, consider donating to our annual appeal, and keep on birding!

Happy New Year!

December Bird List

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A museum for all ages: 2022 Annual Appeal

Four photos of kids at the museum: in front of a wingspan banner with arms out, exploring the pond, looking through binoculars.

Did you know that children make up about a third of the Museum’s visitors each year? They visit with parents, grandparents, camps, schools, and on special outings with friends. Their energy and enthusiasm are exciting and uplifting: some already have a favorite bird they want to see, others are excited to recognize birds they already know, and most are surprised the birds are not real—but really made of wood!

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Through the Window: November 2022

Downy Woodpecker and Blue Jay on a rectangular suet feeder. Photo appears to be a digiscoped image through a binocular lens.
Digiscoping a Downy Woodpecker and Blue Jay sharing a suet feeder. Photo by E. Talmage, and used with permission.

Welcome to the first month of our by-appointment season! It’s sometimes extra quiet around here as we work to catch up on reports, projects, and prepare for our annual appeal. 

And Feederwatch began! We have some volunteers who are wonderfully dedicated to helping the Museum participate in this community science program, so thank you Michele, Megan and Debbie!

November Bird List

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Results for Race Around Birds 2022

Congratulations to all the walkers, runners, and supporters of the 2022 Race Around Birds.

A sign points left to Spear trail while a runner is blurred going to the right.Green foliages is behind sign and runner; wood chips and fallen leaves cover the trail in the foreground.This year again we offered both “virtual (self-timed)” racing option and “in-person race day” option. People could run or walk, as they chose.

We had 31 people register, 8 of whom chose the “self-timed” option (not all of them submitted their times to us; that’s fine too). Based on what we saw from the museum, more than 8 people ran in the two weeks open for that option.

We did combine the results in the table below. Let me just say that we staff are totally impressed with every runner and walker. All of you inspire us with your determination! Continue reading “Results for Race Around Birds 2022”