Art Content 2011 Winners

Our 2011 wining artists are:

What a great year! We had first, second, third prize winners, some honorable mentions, and some of special note, e.g., “Best Chuckle” and “Most Like Marc Chagall.”  Again, local art teachers in Chittenden County encouraged their classes, which always adds to the diversity and richness of the submitted art.

The winners are:

Traditional Media

Ages 0-5: Maeve, Ruby, Fiona, Cecily, Avery and Pace
Ages 6-8: Emma, Alyssa, Alex, Marlie, and Morgan
Ages 9-13: Carrie, Erin, Jordan, Brandon, Graham, Sevi, Jason,
and Breanna
Ages 14-18: Daniel and Chad


Ages 0-5: Tom
Ages 6-8: Anna, Katie, Hayley and Morgan

Watercolors and Resists (art class)

Ages 6-8: Macey, Zachary, Sarah, Sidney, Tyler, Lindsay, and Reece
Ages 9-13: Jasmine, Tyler, Color, Jake, Caitlin, Calvin, Jonah, Hannah, Olivia, Ben, Mikayla, and Sid

Masks (art class)

Ages 6-8: Ethan, Maria, Isabella, Maxwell, Mary, Leah, Carter, and Elizabeth

Familiar Ground – extended through July 4th weekend

We’re pleased to extend Familiar Ground, Lori Hinrichsen’s art exhibit, through the July 4th weekend! If you haven’t seen it, now is your chance! Lori has also graciously extended a very generous offer: 20% of all sales benefit the museum. Pick up some fantastic art for you home or office. And thank you, Lori!

Here is an excerpt from Lori’s newsletter:

what is your wing span
what is your wing span? come and find out at the Birds of Vermont Museum in Huntington!
[artist Lori Hinrichsen, wing span of a wandering albatross]

 20% of art show sales benefits the museum

art show up through July 4 weekend!  

familiar ground show card
10am – 4pm daily 900 Sherman Hollow Road, Huntington, VT 05462 museum phone: 802.434.2167

Carving Update: Bufflehead

As mentioned in the winter’s Chip Notes, we were eagerly awaiting the debut of Dick Allen’s Bufflehead Duck carvings. They are here!

Bufflehead male, carved by Dick Allen
Bufflehead male, carved by Dick Allen

Bufflehead Ducks are characterized as small, diving ducks that migrate through the region on their way to summer grounds in Canada and Alaska from wintering sites in coastal and southern United States and Central America. Inhabiting ponds and small lakes where they consume crustaceans, mollusks, and insects underwater, Buffleheads nest in aspen and poplar tree cavities created by Northern Flickers. The male Bufflehead’s striking triangular white patch extending from the eyes to the rear of the head inspired the bird’s name. The Bufflehead’s ability to achieve a near-vertical take-off from the water’s surface is another reason we take special notice of this notable species.

Bufflehead female, carved by Dick Allen
Bufflehead female, carved by Dick Allen

The male and female pair will take their places with other waterfowl near Dick’s pair of Lesser Scaups in the Spring Migration scene of the Wetland Diorama.

Blue-winged Teal is our 2011 Raffle Bird

Ready to win?

For this year’s raffle bird, we offer a wood and cork decoy, carved and painted by Leo LaBonte of Essex Junction, Vermont. The bird is about 10.5” from beak to tail, and looks lovely in its temporary home by our guest register. Many visitors have already commented that it would look even nicer in a permanent home (theirs!). Tickets are $1 each, or buy 6 for $5. You can buy tickets by phone, if you like!

Leo LaBonte started carving a little over 12 years ago. He is mostly a self-taught carver with one class under his belt that helped him to overcome a few hurdles and smooth out the process. He mostly focuses on decoy carvings but has also carved ducklings, small songbirds, and a few figurines. He has won numerous awards for his decoys including the Art Knapp Hunting Decoy Contest and the Thousand Islands Museum Decoy and Wildlife Art Show. In more recent years he has also taught his two sons to carve, resulting in 2 more award-winning carvers in the family. In 2009 both sons won awards at the International Wildfowl Carvers Association Young Guns competition!

Although generously donating the Blue-winged Teal to the Museum, Leo usually sells his decoys. He is in the process of putting together a website (under construction as of this writing). If anyone is interested in contacting Leo please call or email the Museum (802) 434-2167 and

Wood Carving Class: An Eastern Bluebird with David Tuttle

Eastern Bluebird Woodcarving Class, taught by David Tuttle at the Birds of Vermont Museum
Eastern Bluebird Woodcarving Class, taught by David Tuttle at the Birds of Vermont Museum

Beginners and experienced wood carvers are invited to this one-day carving class with David Tuttle of the Green Mountain Woodcarvers. We will carve and paint an Eastern Bluebird. Wood blanks, eyes, paint, snacks and coffee will be provided. Please bring your own lunch (and carving tools if you have them).

Best for teens and adults.

Fee: $25 for members of either the Birds of Vermont Museum or Green Mountain Woodcarvers; $35 for non-members.

Please pre-register (you can pay ahead or at the door) by calling 802 434-2167 or emailing

Weekly Wood Carving Demonstrations

Bob Spear finishing a small carving
Bob Spear finishing a small carving

We’re pleased to offer again our Saturday wood carving demonstrations. Stop in (members get unlimited free admission) and find out who’s carving what this week. Ask questions, collect fresh ideas, learn a new technique.

Every Saturday from 1-2, upstairs in the Museum workshop.
Appropriate for all ages.
Free with Museum admission ($6, discounts for children, seniors, members).

Familiar Ground: art by Lori Hinrichsen

Welcome to our May-June 2011 exhibiting artist: Lori Hinrichsen. Her show, Familiar Ground: monotypes, intaglios and photography inspired by nature, opened at the Museum  May 1st, with the opening day of our 2011 season.

"Between Earth and Sky", intaglio by Lori Hinrichsen, in postcard announcing show
"Between Earth and Sky", intaglio by Lori Hinrichsen, in postcard announcing show

Lori grew up in Iowa and attended the University of Kansas, graduating with a degree in Theatre, Film and Video. Lori spent several years exploring the US, living and growing her art from California to Vermont. This included being a resident artist in Mendocino, at the Vermont Studio Center, and at the Virginia center for Creative Artists. She first joined the Museum community last fall as a judge for the 2010 Annual Youth Art Contest.

Lori has a studio at Shelburne Pond Studios, where she works with printmaking, painting, fabric, and ink. She writes:

Much of my time is spent exploring and connecting with the land and the sky, from meandering paths along the rugged coastline, to breathing in the intoxicating smells of evergreens and fresh rain, to the star-filled desert skies that touch the earth. I feel a deep reverence for the ordinary, for the sensual ecstasy as each season unfolds. My work is in response to this intimate awareness and observation of nature which reflects the moment, engaging the present.

Come by and view her art and photography any day from now through the end of June. We are open from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.  Free with admission to the museum ($6 for adults, discounts for children, seniors, and members).

About the artist:

Dick Allen, Contributing Carver

Dick Allen at work
Dick Allen at work on a new carving for the Museum

Dick Allen has always been fascinated by birds and started carving about 25 years ago. He is self-taught through books and carving magazines, with “lots of trial and error”. His carvings have been given to friends and family; some have been donated to charity. Many are on display in his home.

Dick considers himself an advanced amateur, and greatly admires Bob Spears’ work. “Bob is a master carver,” Dick says. About his own carvings, he adds, “I’m still waiting for one I consider ‘really good.’ ”

About Dick

In addition to carving for the Museum’s exhibits, Dick serves on the Board of Trustees, and volunteers for the Museum. His work is much appreciated.

To see more photos of Dick’s work, check out his page on our website:

Recent Carving Work (Bob in Florida)

While in his winter residence, Bob Spear met Steve Deam, a photographer. Steve’s been kind enough to send us a few photos to keep track of Bob’s recent work. Enjoy!

Bob working on his back porch in Cedar Key.  ©2011 Steve Deam, Used by permission.
Bob working on his back porch in Cedar Key.
©2011 Steve Deam, used by permission.
Bob Spear shaping a bird's body. ©2011 Steve Deam, Used by permission.
Bob Spear shaping a bird's body.
©2011 Steve Deam, used by permission.

These two photos were taken in January (I’m a little slow getting them publicized –the webmistress).  There are more recent ones in Steve’s online photo gallery about Bob:

Would you like to see more of Steve’s work? Check it out at, or browse through his blog at You can even encourage him to add more videos of his work.