Thank you

Thank you.

Thank you for making a donation to the Birds of Vermont Museum. From gifts of time to financial contributions to conservation actions, each of us can help birds, the environment, and the Museum.

How do people support the museum and its mission? In addition to donations like yours, they…

Volunteer time and skills Opportunities abound, indoors and out and for both short-and-long term periods. Our volunteer page has more info. We offer more focused internships as well.

Sponsor a carving With a larger donation, you can honor a person, a group, a memory, or idea. Sponsored carvings have a plaque with your chosen words on the bird carving’s exhibit case. This is a wonderful way to be involved with the Museum and help share our mission. Contact us to find out more.

Bird conservation choices Use your everyday choices, from the coffee you choose to the laws you enact, to create a world better for birds.

Share about us online Tell people about us with travel reviews, in your blogs, and in your photos!


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