Woodcarving Demonstration

Hands of older, light-skinned person. The left hand is wearing a Kevlar carving glove and holding a partially-carved piece of wood. The right hand is holding a carving knife and is carving the wood.

Museum staff will demonstrate basic skills, show resources and talk about the process, and answer questions.

Drop in during your visit!

upcoming event: Woodcarving Demonstration

Woodcarving Demonstration
Woodcarving Demonstration

Wood Carving Demonstration
Saturday, October 20 • 1 – 2 p.m.
Check out our wood carving demonstration upstairs in the Birds of Vermont Museum workshop.

Ask questions, collect fresh ideas, learn a new technique. See what birds are in progress or guess which one will be added next to the collection.

A perfect complement to a museum visit. Appropriate for all ages. Free with admission.