Winter Finches and Irruptions

Redpoll (smallbrown and white bird with reddish patch on forehead, type of , finch) perches on a snowy spruce branchlet.

It is an irruptive year! What does that mean? Which Vermont birds are irruptive?

We’ll start with finches, but don’t be surprised if we branch out to waxwings, owls… Bring your questions! We’ll follow up the presentation with a semi-guided finch-specific tour of the museum.

Recommended for adults of all ages, and older children.

A suggested donation of $20 includes museum admission; please pay what you are comfortable with.

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Photo of Common Redpoll by E. Talmage and used with permission.

Open for 2020, finally

A note from our Director

child gazes into forest over railing of our walk-in treehouseAs you likely know, the Museum had to remain closed due to Covid-19. This was the first spring in 32 years where we didn’t open our doors on May 1. This was the first time since we started Early Birder Morning Walks (more than a decade ago!) that we couldn’t gather for to walk and watch spring migration together.

We have missed you! Although we were saddened to hear of people who were ill or lost their lives; we also are hugely grateful that, by all of us working together, we kept the numbers lower than they could have been. As the number of Vermont cases continues to be encouragingly small, the state is allowing some businesses to open (with restrictions in place).

We are happy to tell you that the Museum opened on Wednesday, June 3! Continue reading “Open for 2020, finally”

Bird and Birding apps for kids and adults

A nice young couple visited yesterday with their two year old son who is really into birds (and bears).  The dad, asked about bird Apps. Here’s a combined reply from our Museum Educator and Executive Director!

Lots of bird ID apps for adults. They vary on ID tips, recordings, ability to keep lists, etc.  I like the Audubon Guides, but know others who like iBirdPro, Sibley Guide, and Peterson guides. For example, a short list of bird Apps recommended to us by two of our favorite, fervent birders:

To find bird related apps for my son (age 3), I just typed into the search fields variations of  “bird”, “quiz”, “toddler”, etc.  I like (and so does my son ) the Toddler Teaser apps. They have apps to help kids recognize letters, numbers, and animals (including birds).

The choices are extensive!

Added later: BirdDiva also recommends  the Audubon Guides (from Green Mountain Digital)