Drawing for Mindfulness: art workshop with Rachel Mirus

pencil drawing of wood frog (facing to the left, mostly in profile), by Rachel Mirus. Shown by permission.

Join artist Rachel Mirus in practicing observational drawing techniques that can quiet the mind and encourage being wholly present in nature.

In this short workshop, we’ll practice drawing techniques inside with a variety of materials for every ability level. Weather permitting, we’ll move outside for a nature walk and en plein air drawing. (If not, the museum’s bird-in-habitat exhibits are available.)

All materials provided, but participants are encouraged to bring any natural objects they wish to draw or share. You are welcome to bring any materials you prefer. Rachel also provides materials, but sometimes people have preferences and she support students using what they are comfortable with.

Minimum: 4 participants
Maximum: 15 participants
Ages 6 and up
Bring a friend! You are welcome to enjoy your lunch here at the museum after the workshop.

Sliding scale fee

Or call (802) 434-2167 to pay at the door.

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Pencil drawing of dove in flight by Rachel MIrus. Used by permission. Rachel Mirus: A light-skinned woman with straight, long brown and red hair, smiles in three-quarter view at camera. She is visible from shoulders up. She is outdoors with golden autumn foliage in background and a blue mountain ridge behind. Image shown with permission.

Call to Artists: Fine Feathers

Fine Feathers:
at play with structure and function

What happens when you mix art, playfulness, and insights from birds? Creativity influenced by feather color and pattern, frills and function! From bower birds to city pigeons, feathers come in thousands of sizes and colors, fantastic shapes, in different seasons, and for many reasons. Which of these emerge in your art? We want to know!
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Call to Artists: Expanding Voices

Text: Expanding voices: perspectives on birding / Background: rose-sepia toned image of paintbrush tips against foliage and sky

Expanding Voices

perspectives on birding

A Call to Artists from the Birds of Vermont Museum
The year 2020 asked a lot of us—and taught us even more. As our habitual systems hit rock bottom under the weight of the pandemic, economic hardship, and social injustice, voices rose, and long-time institutions were loudly questioned. New ways of experiencing and perceiving our world opened our minds to new comprehension. How could our art, our creativity, our practices remain unaffected? Our perspectives inevitably changed.

We are a museum about and for birds and conservation. We are part of a community of birders, artists, conservationists, and learners. Your experience and perspective may be unseen or unknown to someone else, even in the same community. For 2021, we’d like to hear and share your artistic voice.

What perspectives exist for birds, birding, and conservation, and the possibilities these offer? We seek works that explore many viewpoints for our 2021 art exhibit, Expanding Voices: perspectives on birding. Continue reading “Call to Artists: Expanding Voices”