Carving Report: Late Summer 2014

This post, in a slightly different form, appeared first in our late summer 2014 issue of Chip Notes.

Learning to carve together

Carving, teaching about carving, and learning about carving continue to be at the forefront of the Museum’s activities.

Soap carving classes were held at local libraries and at the Museum this summer. We are always amazed what some people can do with a piece of soap. If you are online, look at our Pinterest board at http://www. for ideas.

In the past few months, Dave Tuttle of the Green Mountain Woodcarvers has taught three classes in which beginning and experienced carvers created first Wood Ducks, then Killdeer, and (in September) a black bear.

Comfort Bird by David Tuttle (Carved from trees downed by the July 2013 Flood)
Comfort Bird by David Tuttle (Carved from trees downed by the July 2013 Flood)

Dave Tuttle has also carved “comfort birds” out of wood harvested from the flood-damaged area. These small carvings will be used as a thank you gifts to donors to Bridges to Birds.

Bob Spear has slowed down his carving, but on occasion we still hear him puttering about in his shop.

Board member Dick Allen recently finished the female Bufflehead. She joins the male, which he also carved, in the wetland diorama.




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