To all who shared our celebration of Bob Spear

We’d like to thank all those who came to our celebration of the life of Bob Spear on Saturday, October 24.

Some 200 or so friends, family, neighbors, and visitors stopped by the Birds of Vermont Museum to share conversation, memories, cards, carvings, and more.

Ben and Jerry’s kindly donated ice cream, including Cherry Garcia, Bob’s favorite flavor.

Lavigne Funeral Home provided efficient and gracious service, especially with our limited parking.

Audubon Vermont generously allowed us to use their parking lot.

Beaudry’s Store prepared platters of tasty snacks for the early, family service, so much so that we had to rely on later visitors to help enjoy them.

The US Navy sent two representatives to honor Bob’s wartime service; an honorary United States flag was ceremonially folded and presented to Bob’s partner, Gale Lawrence, and Bob’s daughter, Kari Jo Spear.  They kindly placed it within our permanent exhibit about Bob, his life, and his work.

And, last but never least, no event happens at the Museum without our beloved volunteers, who helped ensure all went smoothly.

Thank you all. May your lives also be full of birds, craft, conservation, and community.

List in morning mist over the Museum, October 25, 2014 (photo by Erin Talmage)
Light in morning mist over the Museum, October 25, 2014 (photo by Erin Talmage)
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