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  1. There was an Opinion piece in today’sBurlington Free Press 12/1/17 “Look Behind Amazon’s ‘Smile’ . . . . it’s worth a read. For every $5.00 generated by ‘smiles’, one must make $1000 in purchases. That’s a lot of purchases – purchases that don’t contribute to our local businesses. If that money stayed here, perhaps more locals would contribute more to BOV. Just a thought.

  2. Dead BOV Staff,

    I recently attended a very informative presentation sponsored by VT Digger, Phoenix Books, and Front Porch Forum at the Unitarian Church in Burlington. The program was about the importance of sustaining local businesses and the huge effect Amazon is having on loosing small businesses all across the country.

    Jane Lindholm of VPR interviewed one of the presenters. Stacey Mitchell ­ here is the pod cast which I encourage you to check out.


    FYI an individual must spend $1000 at Amazon for $5.00 in ³Amazon Smiles.² If jobs are lost jobs because everything becomes ³Amazon² there will be less money in peoples pockets and therefore LESS money available to contribute to non-profits. (see my comment on your Amazon Smiles ³Thank you Page²)

    Thank you for all your good work!

    Warm regards,


    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Robin from Huntington ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    From: Birds of Vermont Museum Reply-To: Birds of Vermont Museum Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2017 17:45:27 +0000 To: Subject: [New post] Thank you to AmazonSmile shoppers! Your

    Birds of Vermont Museum staff posted: “Thank you to AmazonSmile shoppers! Your shopping choice helps us a lot. If you shop Amazon.com, try the Smile program instead at http://smile.amazon.com/ch/03-0277302 ‹Amazon will donate to the Birds Of Vermont Museum. #YouShopAmazonDonates”

    1. Dear Robin,

      Thank you for your feedback! It was our intention in this post to highlight that *if* someone already shops at Amazon, they could use AmazonSmile instead, for a greater benefit. It was not our intention to explicitly support Amazon over other retailers (especially not over local ones), but I believe my wording in this could be improved.

      We very much appreciate the details you provided related to shopping choices and how consequences of our purchases ripple outward from us, and I hope others will read them too.

      — Kir Talmage, Outreach Coordinator for the Museum

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