Museum Installs a Little Free Library

the Little Free Library at the Birds of Vermont Museum
The Little Free Library at the Birds of Vermont Museum is installs on the side of a shed right near the entrance path.

Built of an upcycled Wood Duck nesting box, the Birds of Vermont Museum’s Little Free Library (LFL) is now up and open to the public. It is easy to get to: on a shed wall near the entrance path to the Museum. In keeping with a nesting motif (that is, slightly hidden), and wishing to keep some of the weather off, volunteer Erny P., 85, attached our LFL under the shed’s eaves. Erny also did the remodeling of the box, adding a door and a shelf for smaller books. The clear window gives a sneak peek at what’s inside.

Little Free Libraries are pop-up boxes (in an endless variety of styles) containing books you can borrow. You may return them where you found them, return them to another Little Free Library, or keep them, all without a library card. LFLs are not meant to replace regular libraries (goodness, no!) nor bookstores, but to inspire us as all to read a little more, wherever we go, and to share interesting books widely.

Our LFL is also a Bookcrossing zone, so we and you can share and track books via too. Bookcrossers register books in their collection, sometime release them (in a zone or wherever), and can look up a registered book to discover where else that book has been.

Come by the Museum and borrow a book! We started by including a bird guide you can use while exploring our trails, sitting in the bird blind, or sketching from our tree house. Will it still be there when you arrive? Come find out!

Photo courtesy E. Talmage, Birds of Vermont Museum

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