A museum for all ages: 2022 Annual Appeal

Did you know that children make up about a third of the Museum’s visitors each year? They visit with parents, grandparents, camps, schools, and on special outings with friends. Their energy and enthusiasm are exciting and uplifting: some already have a favorite bird they want to see, others are excited to recognize birds they already know, and most are surprised the birds are not real—but really made of wood!

Donors and their gifts make sure that the museum reaches children. Donor generosity helps bring birding to everyone, from our Nestlings Explore Nature programs and mini-scavenger hunts to group experiences in nature writing and art. Our quarterly carving classes include youth aged 12 and up, and our annual art shows always have work from artists under the age of 20. Our nature trails are now dotted with photo-op boards, story walks, and discovery prompts. The streams and pond offer time to observe aquatic creatures or just get your feet wet. Peering over the railing of the Treehouse lets young learners (and older ones) see, listen, learn, or just experience the forest that surrounds them. It is such a joy to share this museum with children!

The Museum has been around long enough that some of our adult visitors tell us about their visit to the Museum when they were children, and some kids come numerous times as they grow. Fostering this lifelong interest and care for birds is just what Bob Spear and the other Museum founders hoped and planned for.

This only happens because of you and donors like you.

Each donor who gives $200 or more, received by December 31, 2022, will receive a selection of note cards created by the artists who contributed to this year’s art exhibit, Fine Feathers. You can send a gift using the button below; if your membership is due, please use the form on the membership page.

Thank you and happy birding!

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