From Sparks to Lights: 2023 Annual Appeal

We started 2023 by inviting artists to share the Spark! moment that inspired them to include birds in their art. This prompt shaped an amazing art show full of spark birds, moments, and stories. The Birds of Vermont Museum itself is often the spark that inspires a first or a deeper connection with birds and the natural world.

We finished 2023 with a metaphorical spark, when we unexpectedly had to change out much of the Museum lighting. Four (4) images from the Sparks! art show. Artists from top: J. Marson, E. Emmett, A. Goyne, and C. McDowellMany fixtures had failed; long fluorescent bulbs are being phased out. We seized the chance to create a better atmosphere for visitors, carvers, and carvings. The most dramatic change is downstairs in the conference room and wetland dioramas. Overall, the new lights also reduce our environmental impact and increase energy efficiency. Luckily, there were no actual sparks during this process.

Will you help us complete this project? As anyone who’s dealt with home repair knows, this was expensive and became more so. We have not yet been able to add all the lights we’ll need. If everyone who receives this letter or sees this post contributes $75—either as a donation or a membership renewal—we will have the cost of the lighting covered. Please be part of our “visible spark”!

To show our gratitude for your past support, the first twenty donors who give $300 or more, received by December 31, 2023, will receive a handmade bird ornament, created by master carver Larry Bertrand. You can send a gift using the button below; if your membership is due, please use the form on the membership page.

Thank you for your support, and for helping us keep the Spark going into the future.

Erin Talmage, Executive Director

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