Green Mountain Woodcarvers October Carve-In

What you need to get started carving: woodcarving tools (gauges and knife shown), protective glove, template or wood blank (bird-shaped blank pictured). And a water bottle, because it's important to stay hydrated.

The Museum is delighted to host the Green Mountain Wood Carvers (GMWC) October Carve-In!

The GMWC is a group of carvers from Vermont with members from around New England. They meet monthly for “Carve-Ins” around the State and host a annual Show and Class in Morrisville (in August).

At the Carve-In, members will be working on a variety of carving projects.

Carvers are always happy to explain how they carve and to share their expertise with others. Ask questions and become a Museum or GMWC member!

More info at the Green Mountain Wood carvers website:

They are on Facebook too, at