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<1--Common Loon, the first carving you see as you enter the Museum.-->


The mission of the Birds of Vermont Museum is to provide education, to nurture an appreciation of the environment, and to study birds and their habitats using woodcarvings and other museum resources.

Over 500 birds...and that’s just the carvings

What can you do here? Lots!

Go birding, learn a new bird call, volunteer, explore our changing art exhibits, or try your hand at wood carving!

Check out the special events, sponsor a carving, , become a member (admission free, plus other discounts), and donate to share your love of birds, nature, science and art. Talk about us in travel reviews! Come visit!

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Birds of Vermont Museum
900 Sherman Hollow Road
Huntington, Vermont 05462

Volunteer with us
Opportunities abound! Our Volunteer page has more info.

Bird Conservation Choices
Use your everyday choices, from the coffee you choose to the laws you enact, to create a world better for birds.

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About Us

The Birds of Vermont Museum is a delightful place where visitors can learn about birds and their roles in the earth's ecosystems.

A private, non-profit organization, the Museum features over 500 carved wooden birds, representing 259 species. Here, natural history meets art.

The woodcarvings depict Vermont's nesting species in their natural habitats as well as North America's endangered and extinct species.

Visit the Carvings and More

The Museum's displays, the surrounding 100 acre bird sanctuary/nature preserve, and the bird viewing window offer visitors a unique opportunity to see and study birds that will not fly away!

The birds are carved by Robert Spear, Jr., a native Vermonter, who is one of Vermont's foremost naturalists and woodcarvers. Additional birds have been carved by Ingrid Rhind, Dick Allen, and Jim Mitchell. New carvings are added as we expand exhibits each year. The mural backgrounds to both Fall and Spring Migration Dioramas, as well as several other murals throughout the museum, were painted by Vermont artist Libby Davidson.

Several picnic spots with tables are available at the Museum, just outside the front door and at a nearby pond, a short walk away. Each year between 4000-5000 adults and children visit the Museum. Audubon Vermont is located just down the road from the Museum, convenient for combined visits.

Curious what we’re up to right now? Take a quick virtual visit here on our site, read our blog, become a fan on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter.

Interests (Optional)
  • Volunteering
  • Events
  • Birding, Bird news
  • Wood (and sometimes soap) carving

Current Openings

The Birds of Vermont Museum welcomes (and needs) Volunteers and Interns!

  • Education Intern: Assist museum staff with visitors, school groups, exhibits, trails, and education support. Rolling start dates. Great for students in environmental education, museum programs, arts, and ornithology.
    Full description: PDF
    More about interning with us: Internship page
  • Communications Intern: Assist museum staff in outreach, press releases, newsletter, and event and membership tasks. Rolling start dates. Ideal for those interested in development, nonprofits, graphics arts, social media, and journalism.
    Full description: PDF
    More about interning with us: Internship page
  • Volunteer: From feathers to files, we have something for every age and skill set. We have opportunities indoors and out, with people and behind-the-scenes. Whether you can help out once a year, every day, or in between, we welcome you. Call us!
    More about volunteering with us: Volunteer page

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