Fishing for … Bird Stories

From fly fishing to casting a hooked worm off a dock, there are many ways to catch a fish. While you have waited for that tug on the line, have you been an audience of one to the great sky-dance of ospreys overhead or the gentle nudging of Canada Geese as they guide their goslings along the riverbank to detour past the rapids?

If you have a Vermont-based, real-life, birding-while-fishing tale to tell, I would love to hear from you. I intend to include a variety of stories in an article I am writing for a local publication.

Anyone interested in sharing is encouraged t0 e-mail or phone the Birds of Vermont Museum during this month of December with contact information. I will follow up to schedule a time to speak with you. Thanks so much!!

Allison Gergely, Museum Educator
(802) 434-2167

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