Progress on the Museum entrance way: the road culvert

Boulders to support and protect the culvert and the road
John Scott Excavating laid some beautiful boulders on the Museum side of the road, around and above the road culvert.

Last week has seen a lot of changes outdoors at the Birds of Vermont Museum, between our front door and our parking lot, and along that section of Sherman Hollow Road.

On Monday, September 14, the road culvert replacement started. This one is deeper, and has a different profile, thereby protecting the stream hydrology and local wildlife more than a shallower, smaller, round culvert would. This one allows for increased water flow, which prevents erosion and sedimentation of the stream bed. The slight “squashed” shape keeps a better aquatic corridor for critters both in and near the stream.

Since then, the excavation crew has been working both upstream and downstream. They have been installing rock and cement protection to stabilize the banks and installing a yard drain to collect stormwater runoff.

More pictures to come!


So many thank yous to Grover Engineering, the State of Vermont (VTRANS and DEC), and John Scott Excavating.

Let us thank you!

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