Progress on the Museum entrance way: rock on!

Rocks, dirt, big tools, and a more stable stream bed
What’s going on? Lots! Click for a close-up.

During the past week, we’ve watched a good bit of earthmoving, repairing and preparing the stream, its slopes, and the stream bed between the Museum parking lot and the Museum entrance. The preparation will permit us to install an ADA-compliant and future-flood-resistant path and bridge,  as well as a riparian slope “garden”. While this is going on, please use the rear entrance (facing the road). We look forward to seeing you!

This collage of photos was created by Elizabeth Spinney, copyright © 2015 and used by permission.

This work is being funded by donors like you, the Vermont Department of Transportation though a Vermont Better Back Roads grant, and the Department of Environmental Conservation’s Ecosystems Restoration Program.  These are both matching grants so we still need your help to fully fund these grants.  Donate to help! We happily accept donations online through JustGive, NetworkForGood, and PayPal. You can also call (802) 434-2167 with your credit card info, or send a check in any amount at any time to

Birds of Vermont Museum
900 Sherman Hollow Road
Huntington, Vermont 05462

Thank you to Grover Engineering, the State of Vermont (VTRANS and DEC), and John Scott Excavating. Let us thank you!

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