Our Annual Appeal for 2016

Thank you and Happy Holiday Season
from the Birds of Vermont Museum

There’s still time to make a tax-deductible donation to the Museum for 2016!
Please consider sending a contribution during our year-end appeal
—whether $1 or $5000— we happily accept donations online through JustGive, NetworkForGood, and PayPal. You can also call (802) 434-2167 with your credit card info, or send a check in any amount at any time to

Donate to the Birds of Vermont Museum! Your gift is tax-deductible.
Birds of Vermont Museum
900 Sherman Hollow Road
Huntington, Vermont 05462

Donate to the Birds of Vermont Museum with Network for Good! Your gift is tax-deductible.

We welcome your support in any and every form:

as Kari Jo Spear writes:

It hardly seems possible that it has been two years since my father’s familiar red-shirted figure walked the halls, woods, and fields of the Birds of Vermont Museum. Every time I visit, I am overwhelmed by feelings of pride and awe, tinged with sadness.

I wonder what he would have thought if he could have seen the completed bridge leading from the parking lot to the entrance. We’ll never know what would have gone through his head the first time he saw it, but I’m pretty sure I know what he would have done. He would have stood outside the Museum doors for a long moment, just looking, and then he would have walked to the bridge, crouched down, and looked at it from underneath. After another pause, he would have walked across it, quietly enough that the only sounds were his footfalls. When he reached the other side, he would have turned to me, shrugged, and said, “Well, if it’ll hold me, it’ll hold just about anything.”

I would have said, “Jeez, Daddy!”

And then he would have smiled and said quietly, “Yup, that’s a good bridge.”

He never talked much about his long range vision for the museum, beyond the obvious need to keep his carvings safe and to keep the doors open. He asked me to serve on the Board of Trustees just to make sure “Nobody got any crazy ideas.” I’d still like to know what could be any crazier than carving 500 birds and starting a museum in Huntington, Vermont.

The legacy he left suffuses every aspect of the museum and touches everyone who spends time there. His legacy also includes a torch that we’re carrying now and will someday pass on. Yes, he lit it, but it would not be burning without all the help the museum has received from its members and contributors.

We greatly appreciate your past contribution and hope you will donate to our Annual Appeal today.  We have several options at birdsofvermont.org/donate.

Let us thank you in turn: all donors who give $250 or more (received by December 31, 2016) will receive this year’s Birds of Vermont Museum hand-painted ornament, a Baltimore Oriole, created together by Board Member and woodcarver Dick Allen and our staff.

Thank you,

Kari Jo Spear
Painter of Mud (in the Red-winged Blackbird exhibit)

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