Signs of Support: 2019 Annual Appeal

Black-capped chickadee (carved by Bob Spear) and a map showing visitors' home ranges.FIELD MARKS

Strong foundation of wood, flanked by volunteers, artists, members, and supporters, crowned by action that artfully connects people, nature, art, education, and conservation.


Vermont forest, with a global reach.


Thrives on basswood and acrylic paint, skill, motivation, creativity, tenacity, innovation, patience, resilience, collaboration, and generosity.


Small scale presentation, grand scale conscience.


Over 260 species in collection of over 510 carvings. Master carver and visionary Bob Spear would have been 100 in 2020.


Species signage that reflects new and relevant information.


In the past 33 years, citizens and scientists working together have discovered new information about how birds live, reproduce, migrate, and communicate. During that same time, the Birds of Vermont Museum has welcomed our 1st and our 110,000th visitors. We plan to be here for another 33 years to continue sharing stories about birds, art, Bob Spear, conservation, wildlife, and how they all fit together.

In 2020, we plan to create updated species signage to more accurately reflect new information about ranges, migration, taxonomy, and relevant conservation issues. Please help us complete this project.

You can send your gift using the button below. As an extra thank you, all donors who give at least $200 (received by December 31, 2019) will receive a selection of note cards created by the artists that contributed to the Pollinate This! art show.

Thank you!

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