The Power of Perspective | 2024 community art show

The Power of Perspective: shifting points of view

The Birds of Vermont Museum has been hosting themed community art shows since 2014. Each winter, the staff develops a bird-related theme for the exhibit and invites submissions in varied media: visual arts, the written word, sculpture and more.

Our 2024 art show, The Power of Perspective: shifting points of view, poses and answers questions of how our bodies, ideas, and assumptions might alter or affect what we perceive, think about, imagine, and understand about birds.

Watercolor painting of a blue Archeopteryx standing on a branch with its right wing partially extended. The dinosaur is in a profile-and-three-quarter view, with the right side facing the viewer. Art by Debra Runge. Copyright © 2024 and used with permission.
“Archaeopteryx” by Debra Runge. Copyright © 2024 and used with permission.

Each work reflects the theme in its own way. The art and poetry includes distant views from above, below, and sideways; magnifications and close-ups; seasonal, ethical, and metaphorical angles; classic human-illustrates-bird compositions; immersions into habitats; and differing senses and unusual species.

It is an adventure, trying to fit together the many perspectives, styles, and media into a cohesive show that (we hope) tells a story or two. Over 50 artists, photographers, and poets of all ages exhibit their work this year. Most are from Vermont. Have we succeeded?

Come visit, find out, and stretch your perceptions.

Exhibiting Artists and Writers

Adam Forguites (South Hero)
Alison Forest (Huntington)
Anita Michele (Swanton)
Annette Goyne (Richford)
Aprille Soons Palmer (South Hero)
Ashley Orton (Jericho)
Beth Murphy (Bomoseen)
Carol MacDonald (Colchester)
Carol McDowell (South Burlington)
Chris Selin (South Burlington)
Debra Runge (Williston)
Denise Letendre (Castleton)
Diane DeBella (Addison)
Elaine Colan (Swanton)
Elise Bouffard (Colchester)
Elizabeth Spinney (Huntington)
Greg Didyoung (Wilmington)
Gretchen Alexander (Jericho)
Hannah Mahar (Grand Isle)
Heather Rusch Zelonis (Bristol)
Jane Ploughman (New Haven)
Jennie Johannesen (Mendon)
Jo Marsan (Johnson)
John Hadden (Huntington)
Judy Brook (South Burlington)
Judy Bush (Richmond)
Judy Crocker (Burlington)
Juliana Anderson (Williston)
Karla Van Vliet (Bristol)
Kay Johnson (Hinesburg)
Krista Cheney (St. George)
Lily Hinrichsen (Bristol)
Lucy Rollins (Burlington)
Lynn Butler-Dube (Huntington)
Marcia Vogler (Charlotte)
Marrin S (Huntington)
Miriam Adams (Hinesburg)
Nancy Stone (Williston)
Navin B (Waitsfield)
Nicole Gadouas (Swanton)
Pedro Salas (Starksboro)
Prudence M (Essex)
Richard Crocker (Burlington)
Sarah Ashe (Middlebury)
Sarah Rosedahl (North Hero)
Steve Farrar (Richmond)
Summer Stratton (Hinesburg)
Tina Valentinetti (Moretown)
Tricia Knoll (Williston)
Vivienne Strauss (Bowling Green, KY)

A stained glass disk with black and top and bottom, and a bowl-like shape of red and orange spanning the disk, offset towards the top. There are two small chains attached at the side to suspend the disk against a pale background. Title: Conk-la-ree! Art by Summer Stratton. Copyright © 2024 and used with permission.
“Conk-la-ree!” Stained glass by Summer Stratton. Copyright © 2024 and used with permission.

The show runs from May 1 to October 31 at the Birds of Vermont Museum in Huntington. The Museum is open Wednesdays – Sundays, from 10am to 4pm, during these months.

There will be an informal reception/meet the artists on Thursday, July 18, at 3pm. (Registration is optional and can be done at our, .)

Follow along as we post about our Featured Artists  in social media this year.


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