Deer Ornaments: One-Day Carving Class with Dave Tuttle (FULL)

deer (fawn) ornament by D. Tuttle: carved from wood and painted

Carve and paint pair of wee deer ornaments during this one-day carving class! Wood blank, paint, snacks, and coffee provided.

All levels welcome. Bring your own tools and gloves if you have them; if you don’t, let us know. Dave often brings some knives, gloves, etc. to sell. Please bring your lunch.

Great for adults and teens. Younger kids need parental permission; this is also great for Scout badges!

Class is FULL — email us if you’d like to hear about future carving classes.

See it. Sketch it. Bird It.

Person seated in camp chair own a lawn near blooing flowers, drawing or writing on large pad pof paper.

Enjoy an interactive program using bird carvings and other items to teach techniques for observing and identifying birds.

Especially recommended for those who want to become better birders or who are interested in art.

Register by contacting the Russell Memorial Library in Monkton: call (802) 453-4471 or email

Grow Where You’re Planted (for NEMA Conference attendees)

Hummingbird and eggs carved by Bob Spear, and real nest.

Grow Where You’re Planted: engaging art and science in conservation

Just for NEMA conference-goers!

Visit the Birds of Vermont Museum for

  • A slightly-guided exploration of the Museum and its nearest grounds
  • A See it, Sketch It program, blending art with scientific observations
  • A conversation about how art and science approaches connect both individual perspectives and common needs

The Birds of Vermont Museum integrates elements of one man’s vision into a whole that highlights art, science, and conservation. Join us this afternoon to discover what we offer, build your own art-science practice, and discuss how these approaches together grow a conservation ethic.


Science, Art, and Comics with Rosemary Mosco

Event: Science, Art, and Comics with Rosemary Mosco

Join cartoonist and science communicator Rosemary Mosco for a one-hour workshop at the Birds of Vermont Museum. Combine science, art and humor to create a comic of your own. She’ll tell us how!

Rosemary will stay a little while after the program to sign books and talk to the participants.
Follow her work on twitter @RosemaryMosco or at

$40 ($35 for Museum members)
Pre-registration required –email or call us at 802-434-2167

You can also sign up at EventBrite  ( )

or on Facebook ( )

Perfect for adults and older kids

Excerpt from “Redtail Blues” copyright Rosemary Mosco and used by permission.

Nature Printing with Coleen O’Connell

Nature Printing by COleen O'Connell

What can you print from a fern, a leaf, a fish? Explore shapes and silhouettes of the natural world with printmaker Coleen O’Connell, and learn techniques of natural printing art.

$50 (Museum member price: $40)
Pre-registration required

Register soon! Only 8 spaces left!
Best for adults

More about Coleen:

Coleen O’Connell

Call to Artists: Pollinate This!

Pollinate This!

art inspiring seeds of conservation

A Call to Artists from the Birds of Vermont Museum

We wander in gardens, foster habitats, explore ecosystems. Life buzzes, entwines, fosters, interacts—one species to another and another and another. Birds and insects and plants thrive together. Can we pause, notice? Can we let the outside in, become as intimately connected to the world around as a pollinated plant is to its pollinators?

We seek artworks that explore, examine, and express pollination—metaphorical and otherwise—for our 2019 art exhibit, Pollinate This!

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Common Grounds: 2018 community art show

Amy Alfieri's -A Hat Is No Home- block print. Copyright © 2018 and used by permission

Common Grounds is our art show in recognition of 100 years of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act and its conservation consequences. Experience over 40 bird-focused artworks connecting the themes of commonality, conservation, migration, and coordination among peoples, species, places, and time.

Show is open from May 1 to October 31, 2018 • Included with Museum admission

About the theme “Common Grounds”

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Call to Artists: Common Grounds

 Common Grounds

A Call to Artists from the Birds of Vermont Museum
in recognition of 100 years of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act and its conservation consequences

Birds link us.  We need the same things: food, water, air, places to live. We humans have sometimes used laws to protect those needs we have in common. In 1918, the US Congress put into place the Migratory Bird Treaty Act—one of the first laws setting limits on what we could and could not do specifically with respect to migratory birds. Since then, we’ve asked new questions, discovered new ramifications, and come to new understandings about what the work of conservation entails. In order for the Migratory Bird Treaty Act to be successful, people have to work together across geographic, political, socioeconomic, and ecological boundaries. We need to find—or create—common ground. What does that look like? Continue reading “Call to Artists: Common Grounds”

Art Review: ‘Birding by the Numbers,’ Birds of Vermont Museum

Most art shows can be viewed without particular attention to their settings, but ‘Birding by the Numbers’ is inseparable from its locale. The Birds of Vermont Museum in Huntington organized the community art exhibit to celebrate its 30th anniversary. …Numbers are the key to ornithology… The artists’ responses to this intersection of ideas range from literal to literary.

Source: Art Review: ‘Birding by the Numbers,’ Birds of Vermont Museum

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