What’s In An Egg?

We don’t always get time to post about what we’ve been doing in our Programs. But Sundays for Fledglings is up and running again this year (2pm on Sundays for about 45-60 minutes), and this week we got some nice photos from the occasion. I couldn’t resist adding them:


We looked at light through eggs, the way hard-boiled and raw eggs spin (or don’t, depending on the surface and the egg), and the anatomy of eggs. We investigated the shell, cracked open both raw and cooked eggs to see how the contents change (or don’t), and peered at parts through a stereoscope. (Memo to self:bring hand lenses too next time). We looked at models of eggs of different sizes, colors, and shapes in order to imagine how a combo of characteristics would be useful for some kinds of birds (but others would need a different combination).  Lastly, we washed our hands, just in case.  Next time, we might try investigating shell strength.

Next week we’ll make some noise: bird calls, chirps, hoots and hollers. Sound off!

Perhaps relatedly (or perhaps not), here’s a post about eggs (in general and in the museum) and taking other things apart

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