Open Museum for the Great Backyard Bird Count 2016

Drop by the Museum for the Great Backyard Bird Count! We’re open Saturday, February 13 • 10am – 3pm to share the Count with you!

Share the Great Backyward Bird Count with friends, family, and the Birds of Vermont Museum

  • New to the count? We can tell you about it and help you participate.
  • Need to warm up from your outdoor excursion with Audubon Vermont? Do so from the comfort of our viewing window chairs.
  • Seen a great bird and want to let us know? Sounds good!
  • Need help identifying a bird? From apps to field guides, we can help. You’ll need to know your fieldmarks, though! (And we can help with that, too)
  • Want to have fun? You bet!

See you here!

More about the GBBC:

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