Pollinate This! 2019 community art show

Pollinate This! is our art show asking and sometimes answering “How can art explore, examine, and express pollination—metaphorically and otherwise?”

Thirty-four artists and photographers had their work selected for this year’s show. Creators range in age from child to senior, with experience from just starting to established professional. The works are displayed in thematically-linked groupings, and visitors are invited to explore at their own pace, to be inspired, to engage with the images, and to browse through the book of artists’ statements.

Show is open from May 1 to October 31, 2019 • Included with Museum admission

About the theme “Pollinate This!”

We wander in gardens, foster habitats, explore ecosystems. Life buzzes, entwines, fosters, interacts—one species to another and another and another. Birds and insects and plants thrive together. Can we pause, notice? Can we let the outside in, become as intimately connected to the world around as a pollinated plant is to its pollinators?

Artists and photographers include:

Andrew Keim
BJ Gray
Bryan Richheimer
Carol McDowell
Claudette Eaton
Dave Marcotte
Deana Allgaier
Deb Sharpe
Heidi Lyon
Isla Lothrop
Janet Labelle
Jerry Lasky
Judy Welna
Juniper and Prudence Murray
Katherine Guttman
Katherine Moran
Katrina Martin
Kimberly Sultze and Jon Hyde
Kristi Wilkinson
Laurie Bepler
Lori Hinrichsen
Louanne Nielsen
Mariposa Ottens
Miriam Adams
Monique Dewyea
Nancy Stone
Paula Kelley
Rebecca Rouiller
Rebecca Rosenthal
Rich Kelley
Tina Valentinetti
Trine Wilson

Follow along as we post about our Featured Artists  in social media this year.

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