Borders: illusions that constrain us | 2020 community art show

Borders: illusions than constrain us is our 2020 art show, where we invite creators and viewers to ask (and even answer) “What do borders mean for birds and which of these are constructs of our imagination?”

Thirty-six artists, photographers, and poets had their work selected for this year’s show. Creators include beginners and established professionals of all ages. Visitors are invited to explore the visual and written art at their own pace, to be inspired, to ask questions, and to browse through the book of artists’ statements.

Show is open through October • Included with Museum admission

Some originals are for sale, and some artists have prints, cards, and other items for sale in our gift shop as well.

About the theme “Borders: illusions that constrain us”

What borders do birds encounter? Our maps do not typically reflect the territories they perceive, the ranges they travel, or the barriers they come across. How do birds’ boundaries connect to human borders? To those of other species? Edges of things—physically, spatially, temporally— raise questions, not least of which is “Is it really there?”

We ponder this, wondering, how do and how will these encounters and connections change us, birds, and the borders themselves?

Artists and photographers include:

Alexandra Ottas
Alison Forrest
Alison D. Ollivierre
Betty (BJ) Wood Gray
Carol Kiewit Leinwhol
Carol MacDonald & Barbara K. Waters
Carol McDowell
Caroline Siegfried
Chris Selin
Dana Walrath
Deana Allgaier
Diana Dunn
Diana Osborn
Geoffrey Swanson
James Frase-White
Jane Ploughman
Juniper M
Kateland Kelly
Katherine Guttman
Kelly Bixby
Lily Hinrichsen
Linda & Kerry Hurd
Madara Tropa
Marcia Vogler
Maya F
Meili Stokes
Miriam Adams
Nancy Stone
Nicole Knowlton
Nikolas Kotovich
Prudence M
Rebecca Rosenthal
Sharon Radtke

Follow along as we post about our Featured Artists  in social media this year.

If all goes well, we will host a reception/meet the artists event in July.

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