Expanding Voices: perspectives on birding | 2021 community art show

Our 2021 art show, Expanding Voices, explores and reflects the past year. Visual arts, poetry, 3D, and prose pieces capture the variety of solitudes, connections, race issues, changes and changelessness, new skills, and understandings we  experienced in 2020.

Forty artists, photographers, writers,  and poets had their work selected for this year’s show. They range from under 10 to over 80 and speak from their varied experiences of birding, the pandemic, faith, and social issues.

Visitors are invited to explore the visual and written art at their own pace, to be inspired, to ask questions, and to browse through the book of artists’ statements.

Show runs through October • Included with Museum admission

Many of the originals are for sale, and several artists have prints, cards, and other items available in our gift shop.

About the theme “Expanding Voices: perspectives on birding”

Last year asked a lot of us—and taught us even more. Our habitual systems hit rock bottom under the weight of the pandemic, economic hardship, and social injustice. Voices rose, and long-time institutions were loudly questioned. New ways of experiencing and perceiving our world opened our minds to new comprehension. How could our art, our creativity, our practices remain unaffected?

We are a museum about and for birds and conservation. We are part of a community of birders, artists, conservationists, and learners. Yet each of our experiences and perspectives may be unseen or unknown to someone else, even in the same community. We hope this show will speak to you—telling both your story and relaying others’ points of view.

Artists, poets, writers, and photographers include:

Adam Forguites
Alison Forrest
Ariel Kaile McKnight Burgess
Betty Mitchell
Carol McDowell
Carol Talmage
Carolyn Crotty
Cat McKeen
Cathleen H Barkley
Charlotte O
Chris Selin
Christy Witters
Deana Allgaier
Diahann Addison
Francine Fox
Jane Ploughman
Juniper M
Kateland Kelly
Katherine Guttman
Kir Talmage
Laura Fried
Lily Hinrichsen
Lori Hinrichsen
Louanne Nielsen
Lynn Cummings
Marcia Vogler
Mariposa Ottens
Meg Walker
Miriam Adams
Nancy Stone
Nicandra Galper
Oscar A. Sanchez Guillen
Prudence M
Sarah Rosedahl
Sharon Radtke
Stefani Allegretti
Summer Stratton
Tina Valentinetti
Tricia Knoll

Follow along as we post about our Featured Artists  in social media this year.

We plan to host a reception/meet the artists event in July. We’ll post this on our calendars and events pages.

Watercolor painting (excerpt): shows a white woman in a yellow shirt looking upward through binoculars. The point-of-view is from above, so only her head and arms are clear.
“Bird’s Eye View” by Deana Allgaier. Copyright © 2021 and used by permission of the artist.
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